Modern Window Treatment Options

Modern interior design goes beyond your furniture, flooring and wall coverings. Your window treatments equally contribute to the look and feel of your interior spaces. Here are some modern window treatment options to consider.

Window Treatments with Simple Lines

Modern design is often equivalent to simplicity. With this in mind, you’ll want to consider shades rather than blinds. Blinds tend to be busy given the slats, whereas shades can include one smooth and continuous surface. Flat roman shades are a great option for a modern look. They come in different colors and materials, offering light filtering or complete light blocking.

Consider the Hardware

In addition to the material and pattern of your window shades, don’t forget the hardware. For the flat Roman shades that we mentioned above, for instance, you might include hardware at the bottom (as a bar across). There are also the brackets and other top hardware to consider.

Patterns Can Also Be Modern

Simple is modern, but this doesn’t exclude the use of patterns. It’s a matter of what patterns you select. Geometric patterns are extremely popular right now. So is the use of artwork. Both can be implemented to window shades or curtains to achieve a unique modern look.

More Modern Window Treatment Options

Whether your home is modern, traditional, retro, or somewhere in between, you are sure to find modern window treatment options that fit your needs at Lynne Greene Interiors. Our Burlington, MA showroom and highly experienced interior designers can help you select the perfect combination to fit your unique needs. Stop by and see us today!

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