7 Ways to Pick Your Backsplash

  1. Textured, Shiny Black Walls– Black and shiny, rich and brooding tile contrasts brilliantly with soft cabinetry, marble countertops, and simple design details.
  2. Vintage Charming Backsplash– For a one-of-a-kind kitchen tiling idea that doubles as a conversation piece, consider sourcing vintage tiles and creating a focal point above your stove. 
  3. A Pop of Color on the walls– Your kitchen is the perfect place to dabble in vibrant color. When utilizing a bold tile, like this design in any color, the key is to create balance with more neutral details in the rest of the space.
  4. Rustic and Multi-Textured Walls-To create a rustic and organic space, but one that still has depth, opt for multiple complementing textures on one wall.
  5. Neutral Glossy White Walls– If you want a clean, classic kitchen tiling idea, consider a neutral glossy white tile—but incorporate some unexpected features that minimize any potential for overly sterile starkness. For example, blue cabinets or multi-toned cabinets for more interest.
  6. In-Lay Tile Backsplash– Essentially a built-in art piece, it’s a simple and effective way to add pizzazz to an otherwise simple design scheme.
  7. Tone-on-Tone Backsplash– While contrast always works, you can also get playful in your kitchen via a monochromatic color scheme. Like the tile shown above.

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