Spring Cleaning Series 2- Organization

5 Easy Spring Cleaning organization projects you should tackle every year

1. Bathroom Drawers or Cabinets-

Start by taking everything out of the drawer or cabinet. Wipe everything down outside and inside of drawers or cabinets. Then put back only things you need or want. Make sure to check expiration dates on medicine bottles. Use drawer inserts and containers to categorize things. This will help cleaning next time easier.

2. Closet-

Go through your closet to make decision does it fit and is it in style. Rule of thumb is to ditch clothes you haven’t worn in 12 months. Keep the items that make you feel good and you actually use/wear.

3. Kids Spaces-

Children’s spaces tend to get over crowded and build up very easily, so this area is important to organize at least once a year. As children develop they start to grow out of certain books, toys, games and clothes, the process of decluttering can become very overwhelming if not done often. Depending on the age maybe get kids involved to help determine what to keep or donate. This allows them to take ownership of their space and maybe keep it tidy over time. Kids love to color coordinate, because it is organization they can understand.

4. Makeup Bag and Drawer-

Makeup and skin products need to be organized once a year to make sure they are still safe to use. After taking everything out of your bag or drawer discard anything old, expired or those samples you will likely never use. Its a good check to determine what you like and what you should not buy again. Group like items together using containers or trays to divide things.

5. Pantry-

Pantry is also a good spot to check expiration dates on canned goods and spices. Take everything out wipe down all the shelves, then arrange things such as breakfast items, canned good, snack foods together in baskets or containers.





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