Latest Lighting Trends for 2021

Valance & Silhouette® Window Shadings

1. Over-sized Light Fixture– Ceilings are getting taller and floor plans more open, so homes can handle larger light fixtures. A few years ago a the average diameter for chandeliers were 24″, but today it is not uncommon to see 28″ or even 30″ or more diameter chandeliers.

2. Smart Bulbs- New smart bulbs allow people to control bulb color, turn off/on and some even play music. These bulbs can adjust to brighter color to stay alert during the day or tone down for a cozy dinner at night or even warm up to mimic a sunset. These bulbs screw in and set up using a phone app.

3. Black and Brass Finishes- This rich darkness with metallic shine creates sophisticated, show-stopping fixtures. The contrasting combo pairs well with the latest farmhouse trend.

4. Statement Bulbs- Lightbulbs have become an extension of the light fixture. For a cool, vintage feel pick a clear globe or Edison bulb. Its a fun way to customize your lights using clear, seeded or milky glass for diffuse or bright light.

5. Dimmable Lights- Dimmer changes the brightness of a bulb, helps save energy, and cuts glare. Any light can become a nightlight and offer a friendly ambience on a dark evening. With color-changing LEDs, the color temperature can automatically warm as the light dims.

6. Antiviral Lighting-The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a new focus on light’s ability to eliminate viruses and bacteria. Germicidal lighting can be safe and effective in the right applications.

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