Black Living Room Ideas

Learn more about how to design your perfect living room using basic colors like black and white!

  1. Black and White- opposites attract in a monochromatic room with black and white details. A black bookcase with black window trim and stark white walls with the dark almost black walls.
  2. Black with jewel tones- Jewel tones stand out great against a black wall or back drop. Jewel tones bring a lot of depth to a space especially when paired with black.
  3. Black and Gold Scheme- Matte Black and shiny gold is a hot trend these days. Gold metal accent tables and artwork against a black wall has a dramatic effect.
  4. Black Ceiling- Unable to commit to black walls try just doing the ceiling. Neutral walls and floor help balance a black ceiling, while tall draperies and mirrors help draw your eye up to the dramatic ceiling.
  5. Chalkboard walls- Create an accent wall with black chalkboard paint. Change the design monthly or whenever you need a change.
  6. Unexpected Color Combinations- Black is an unusual design color choice, but bringing in other unexpected colors like red or moss green create a moody space. Plants and mix prints help soften the colors.
  7. Black Room Accents- Instead of opting for an all-black cave. Bring in some black accents and furniture to the room. Use some bring accents as well to help balance things out.
  8. Refined Living Room- All black living room with brown undertone has a refined look, which could be used as a study. A tan or beige ceiling and rug help to balance the look. Leather and mahogany furniture give it that sophisticated look of power.

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