8 Paint Color Trends of 2023

All Shades of Brown– The warm brown tones help anchor and richen your space. The previously popular gray tones are cool, while brown makes your space feel warm and lively.

Range of Reds– Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year is Viva Magenta. It is not just a cherry red, but all hues such as berry red, wine hues and bold magentas.

Warmer Neutrals– Neutrals are the foundation of any palette, but experts are now saying these tones will be warmer. In previous years the cooler gray tones were popular, but that will change this year.

Green Everything– shades of green go with everything. It also evokes nature, which is calming and serene.

Pairing Warm and Cool Tones– Since cool tones were the trend for so long instead of starting all over again you can add in warm tones to give freshness and newness to the space. Just make sure one tone dominates the space and the other is brought in as an accent.

Colors that Convey Comfort and Peace– Comfort and cozy continues to be an important element in home design. This is particularly important in finding a paint color. Bringing in a feel of nature helps to create soothing environment.

Bold Accent Shades– Try using eye catching colors in unexpected places. An accent color as the backsplash or inside a closet.

More Color– Finding ways to bring in colors will help update your space. Open floor plans with all one color are changing with colors to define spaces, such as kitchen, living, office space etc.

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