10 Home Cleaning Goals for 2023

Shutters in the Laundry Room
Shutters in the Laundry Room

1) Make a home cleaning list- Make a list of your home cleaning goals for the year. Mark down if it is daily, monthly or year chore.

2) Declutter Your Home- Go room by room to see what you can get rid of, donate or save.

3) Make Your Bed Everyday- Keeps your room looking tidy and neat all day.

4) Put Your Clothes Away- Have a bag for unwanted clothes, hamper for dirty clothes and put away the clean clothes to make things tidy.

5) Clean and Put Away Dishes Nightly- Start your day off clean rather than looking at dirty dinner dishes.

6) Deep Clean the Refrigerator- Take everything out of your refrigerator and clean everything inside. Check to see if things are expired or spoiled. Also helps for taking inventory or what you need at the grocery store.

7) Wipe down the Shower-Just a quick wipe down after use helps to keep it looking good

8) Clean the Countertops-Like the dishes wiping down the counters every night and after meals is a quick way to make the house instantly look clean.

9) Vaccuum Daily- helps keep up with crumbs and dander.

10) Organize Your Closets- This goes hand in hand with putting away clothes.

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