Tips on Window Treatments for Children’s Rooms

Window Treatments for Children's Rooms

Decorating a child’s room is so much fun. As you select wall decor, furniture and other decorative elements, don’t forget about window treatments. They are one of the most important features of a bedroom, especially while your kids are young. Here are a few considerations for window treatments for children’s rooms.

Child Safe Designs

The first and most important factor is safety. Avoid window treatments with strings as they are a choking hazard. Solar blinds, cordless blinds, and shades are ideal for this very reason. Additionally, choose something that is durable. Blinds in children’s rooms tend to be heavily used throughout the day and will later be subject to little hands tugging and pulling at them. Options with fewer moving parts, made from strong materials, and are easy-to-clean will best serve you for years to come.

Room Darkening Window Treatments for Naps

Light blocking and room darkening blinds or shades can help your children rest more peacefully during the day. Thus, it is a critical feature to have with newborns and young children who nap during the day. But, how can you balance this against the light and whimsical colors normally selected for children’s rooms? Here are some solutions.

  1. Light Blocking Curtains – Select blinds or shades that filter light and add a layer of light blocking curtains on top.
  2. Cellular Shades – Go with a light blocking cellular shade that appears white on the outside but has darker colors within the hidden, expanding cells.
  3. Room Darkening Liners – Some window shades have a dark liner that appears on the outer facing surface while the inner facing surface can be just about any color or pattern.
  4. Silhouette Duolite Shades from Hunter Douglas – Reap the benefits of traditional silhouette shades that come with a second, hidden layer that blocks light.

As you can see by this list, you can achieve light blocking and room darkening without a dark-colored window treatment.

Easy to Adjust Window Blinds and Shades

Another very important feature to include in window treatments for children’s rooms is ease of use. With newborns, you may have only one-hand available to operate your window treatments. Something like cellular shades that roll up when gently lifted by one-hand can be helpful. Even better are motorized shades and blinds. In addition to one-handed control, these can be programmed to adjust at certain times each day, perfectly timed with your children’s naps!

Help with Window Treatments for Children’s Rooms

If you’d like help selecting window treatments for children’s rooms, stop by our Burlington, MA showroom. Our design technicians will help you achieve the perfect balance of look and functionality. Although shopping online is certainly possible, there’s something valuable about being able to see and touch window treatments before purchasing. Our showroom includes a wide selection of window shades and blinds for you to preview.

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