Window Treatments for Remote Learning Spaces

Many schools in Massachusetts are starting off with remote learning or a hybrid model this year. With so many potential distractions at home, it’s especially important to create a comfortable and dedicated learning space for your kids. In addition to a spacious desk and comfy chair, you may want to think about the window treatments for remote learning rooms.

Why Evaluate Window Treatments

Remote learning often means a lot of computer screen time. For the same reasons that we promote upgraded window treatments for home offices, you should consider an upgrade for rooms used in remote learning. Sunlight from windows can lead to glare on computer screens or eye strain, depending on how your desk is positioned. However, it’s not ideal to completely block out sunlight either since artificial light is not great for psychological reasons. The key is to find the right balance, allowing sunlight into the room while reducing glare and strain.

Window Treatments for Remote Learning

Fortunately, there are many window treatments for remote learning spaces in your home. For example, you can go with the basic horizontal window blinds. By changing the angle of the slats, sunlight still enters the room but indirectly. Larger slats tend to be more effective than smaller slats for this. If you prefer not to fiddle with the slats often, sheer blinds are a great solution. You can keep the shades drawn throughout the day while allowing sun in and retaining privacy.

More Window Treatment Tips

In addition to functionality and promoting an ideal environment for learning, window treatments can also play an integral part in your home decor. Selecting the right window treatments involves a balance of functionality and style. If you’re not sure which window treatments will work best for your home, stop by our showroom in Burlington, MA to view samples and speak to our design experts. We’re happy to assist with all of your window treatment needs.

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