5 DIY Window Blind Replacement Mistakes to Avoid

So, you’ve decided to take on a DIY project of replacing your window blinds. As with all DIY’s, it can save you a lot of money or it can cost you a lot more in the form of mistakes. Here are 5 common DIY window blind replacement mistakes to avoid.

1. Selecting the Wrong Type of Window Treatments

Not every type or style of window treatment works for every type of window. Selecting the wrong type can lead to odd results. For instance, should you go with inside or outside mounted blinds? Should you consider hard blinds or silhouettes? There are many decisions to make along the way. Do your research to improve your chances of selecting the right type.

2. Not Taking the Right Measurements

One of the most expensive mistakes that people make is not taking the right measurements. You may be wondering how many ways you can possibly measure a window. It’s actually more complicated than it seems. First, where you measure depends on the type of window treatment. Secondly, you must consider length, width, and depth. The wrong measurements can lead to window treatments that simply don’t fit. In some cases, you’ll need to order new ones or live with awful looking windows. Don’t make this costly mistake. Learn how to get the perfect fit for your window treatments.

3. Not Measuring Every Window

Although your windows may all look identical, there can be small variations that affect the size of window treatments. In Massachusetts, older homes are notorious for uneven windows frames. Even one measurement that is off by a quarter inch can make a big difference. Be sure to measure every window individually.

4. Using a Flexible Measuring Tape

One of the most silly mistakes to avoid is using a flexible measuring tape instead of a hard one. Yes, both measure inches in the same way. However, flexible measuring tapes are really meant for clothing. When it comes to precise measurements across longer lengths, the flex in the line can result in a figure that is slightly off. Remember, even a small difference in measurement can be noticeable in the final product. Stick with measuring tapes that are specifically designed for home improvement for a more accurate measurement.

5. Buying on the Internet

Buying products over the Internet can be risky. You really need to see the color and feel the material to know what you’re truly getting. Furthermore, colors that appear on computer screens are often based on the settings of the computer monitor. It may not give you a true color. The best way to avoid all of these DIY window blind replacement mistakes is to hire a professional! While you may go through this process a few times while owning a home, professionals have years of experience replacing thousands of window treatments. That knowledge can be invaluable.

Stop by the Lynne Greene Interiors showroom in Burlington, MA for personalized service. In addition to helping with the window blind replacement mistakes to avoid, we can offer advice on a wide selection of window treatments and help you find one that achieves your home improvement and home decor goals.

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