5 Common Interior Design Mistakes

Interior design is somewhat of a science. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money. The key is to optimize your space and make it beautiful, comfortable and functional. Small mistakes can often have a big impact, so knowing what not to do is just as important and knowing what to do. Here are some common interior design mistakes that you should avoid.

1 – Oversized Furniture

You may love big furniture, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for your home. Selecting furniture that is too large for your space can make your home feel cramped. The same goes for artwork and other decor pieces. Your decor should highlight your home and not overpower it. Opt for furniture that fits into your rooms while still allowing for ample wall and floor space. You’ll be so glad you did!

2 – Mismatched Themes

Another one of the most common interior design mistakes is mismatched themes. This often comes from accumulating furniture from different sources over time. Perhaps you have a very modern glass dining table but you can’t seem to let go of the 1980’s light wood buffet and hutch that you purchased at the flea market for a steal and the victorian cherry dining chairs that your uncle gave you. Mixing different textures and colors can be interesting, if done right. However, some pieces simply don’t work well together. Fortunately, furniture can have many uses these days so you need not let go of pieces that you’re emotionally attached to. Think creatively about other rooms in your home where they might be better suited.

3 – Style Over Comfort

It’s one thing to see a pretty interior designs in magazines,… it’s another thing to live with it. Make sure your furniture pieces are comfortable in addition to being stylish. That couch that you saw online may look sleek and stylish, but if you don’t enjoy sitting on it, then you won’t be very happy with it in the end. Don’t sacrifice style over comfort. Select pieces that allow you to love the way your home looks and feels.

4 – Style Over Function

Your interior design should also be functional. Think about how you use each space within your home as you finalize your design choices. For instance, if you need a certain amount of seating in the breakfast nook or dining room, find options that meet those needs. Choosing a table with too few seats will result in you not using the room very often or permanently using unmatched seats to serve your everyday needs. As we all try to be more stylish and trendy, it’s easy to make these common interior design mistakes.

5 – Blocked Walkways

Avoid blocking walkways and pathways throughout your home. Most homes have a natural flow. Placing a piece of furniture in the wrong place can change that and lead to awkward transitions or designs. It can also make your home appear more cluttered and small. Well placed furniture highlights your living space and welcomes you into each room.

More Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

There are actually too many common interior design mistakes to list, but have no hear, we’re here to help! Stop by our Burlington, MA design showroom to speak to our interior design experts. We can help you create a home that looks great, meets your everyday needs, and is a comfy retreat from the outside world.

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