Window Treatment Functionality – Why Choose Certain Types of Treatments for Your MA Home

Window treatments are a great decorative element for your home. It can be easy to get lost in the abundance of options, colors, patterns, etc. Thinking about window treatment functionality can help narrow down your options, making decisions easier and your investment more worthwhile. Here are some different types of window treatments and the functions they serve.

Window Treatment Goals

To select the right function of window treatment, think about your goals of having window treatments (other than for decorative appeal). Your goals may include…

  • Filtering or Blocking Light
  • Increased Privacy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Improved Ambiance
  • Creating an Illusion of Space


Before selecting any type of window treatment, consider the location of your windows,… or more importantly, its accessibility. For instance, if you have a window that is out of reach, you’ll want to avoid window treatments that need constant manual adjustment between day and night. Accessibility is as important a factor as your window treatment goals.

Window Treatment Functionality by Type

Here are a few different types of window treatment products and the functions they serve:

  • Roman Shades – light blocking, privacy
  • Shutters – privacy
  • Solar/Roller Shades – light control, privacy
  • Wood Blinds – privacy
  • Cellular Shades – energy efficiency, privacy, light filtering/blocking
  • Woven Shades – privacy
  • Sheer Shades – light control, privacy, ambiance

Selecting the Right Window Treatments

Selecting the right window treatments based on your goals and window locations can help beautify your home and make it more functional and enjoyable for your family. If you’d like help selecting window treatments for your home in Massachusetts, stop by our Burlington, MA showroom for assistance. We do more than sell window treatments. We specialize in all types of interior design from rugs to wall paper and custom furniture. Our team has the skills and experience to help you pull everything together.

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