Home Design Projects to Consider During Coronavirus Social Distancing

home design projects to complete during coronavirus social distancing

Many of us are practicing social distancing or even self isolation amid Coronavirus concerns. As you’re stuck at home looking for productive ways to spend your time, why not think about home projects? Here are some home design projects to consider during Coronavirus social distancing.

1 – New Window Treatments

Are your window treatments dated, dull, or non-functioning? Perhaps it’s time to consider replacing them. Use this time to think about different window treatment options, including shades, blinds, silhouettes, and curtains. There is so much to choose from nowadays, which is a good thing,… but it can get overwhelming. We often suggest thinking about functionality first, to help narrow down options. From there, you can preview options online. Don’t make final decisions until you can visit our showroom and see them in person.

2 – Spring Refresh

Spring will be here soon, and that’s always a great time for an interior design makeover. There are many things you can do to freshen up your home, from small changes to more dramatic ones. Here are just a few…

  • Swap out curtains for light and airy designs.
  • Change bedding and fabrics to spring colors.
  • Remove and store area rugs to expose the hardwood flooring and create the illusion of more space.
  • Put away holiday and winter decor, replacing them with spring/summer themed items.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint to dull or dirty walls.
  • Get the help of an interior designer to complete a full interior design makeover.

3 – Custom Design Projects

Everyone is looking to be more unique these days. You can add that special touch to your home design by adding features such as custom wallpaper or self-prepared paintings. For custom wallpaper, search for ideas and inspiration online. For paintings, order supplies to be delivered right to your home. It’s hard to find paintings that work perfectly with your interior design visions, so this is an opportunity to make one that contains just the right color and look.

Summary of Home Design Projects to Consider During Coronavirus Social Distancing

These are just a few examples of home design projects to consider during social distancing. There are many more things that you may be able to do over these next few weeks. Look around your home for ideas. With so many resources available online, you can plan and maybe even complete certain projects without leaving your home. Just remember that some projects are best completed once you can touch and feel samples, so save those last steps for when life and in-person shopping returns to normal.

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