Curtain Styles and Options

Burlington MA Custom CurtainsWindow treatments can really pull together the decor and theme of a room. There is a wide selection available through in-store and online retailers. However, if you’re looking for a truly unique look and feel, or simply can’t find the right colors and patterns in store, custom curtains may be the perfect solution. You can basically achieve any look you desire, but where do you start? Here are some curtain styles and options to consider.

Top Design

The first consideration for curtain styles and options is the top design. Here are a few common ones to choose from:

  • Tab Top – The fabric contains loops at the top into which the rod is inserted. The rod is visible in the gaps between the loops.
  • Rod Pocket – The top contains a channel through which the rod is inserted. The rod is not visible.
  • Pleated – There is a rod pocket at the top of the curtain, but there is extra fabric above that channel with pleated fabric.
  • Grommets – Circular grommets line the top of the curtain, through which the rod is inserted.
  • Hooks – Little hooks are attached to the top of the fabric. Those hooks then attach to the curtain rod.

Mounting & Rods

The next consideration relates to rods and mounting. What type of rod would you like to use? Will it be thin or thick, as this affects how the curtains will hang or attach to it. Additionally, where will you place the rods relative to your windows? Will they be immediately above your windows or near the top of the ceiling. How much spacing will be to the left and right of the window? How the rods are mounted will certainly impact the look and feel of the curtains in the space.

Length & Width

The next decision to make involves the length and width of the curtains. Curtains can end right below the window sill, just touching the floor, or extending onto the floor by a few inches. Each of these achieves a different look. Shorter curtains are more traditional while longer curtains are in-trend right now. Longer curtains are better at hiding things or lengthening the height of a room. Shorter curtains can avoid obstructions and can be better for children or pets. The width of curtains depends on your intended use. Do you plan on shutting the curtains regularly, or are they intended only to frame a window? Your design concept, use, and goals are all important to selecting the right length and width.


Will your curtain need tiebacks? How do you envision your curtains when they are not fully closed? Would you like them to hang straight or tie-back? Tie-backs tend to be very formal looking whereas straight curtains create cleaner lines and are less formal. If you do want them tied-back, what type of tie do you prefer? You can use the same fabric as your curtain or use an accent material such as cords. Should they tie loosely or attach to the wall via a hook? These are just a few of the curtain styles and options available.

Fabric and Color

Finally, the last major decision for curtain styles and options involves color and fabric. This is where your imagination can run wild! For fabric, think about thickness and texture. Should the curtains block out light or let it through? Will you be going with solid colors or patterns? How will this tie in with your other decor and furniture?

Summary of Curtain Styles and Options

As you can see from what we listed above, there are many considerations when it comes to curtain styles and options. Many of the above tie in together as well. If this seems a bit overwhelming or you’re not sure what to do, consider working with an interior designer. A professional can make sure that everything in your room blends together to achieve a cohesive and beautiful look. Interior design consultations are available at our Burlington, MA showroom and would be happy to assist you with Burlington MA custom curtains and your other home decorating needs. Contact us for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

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