Cleaning Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Shadings

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shadings

At Lynne Greene Interiors here in Burlington, customers often ask us about how to clean their Hunter Douglas Silhouette® window shadings. Luckily, all Hunter Douglas window treatments are designed for easy care and cleaning, so you can take care of it in no time. See below for a few tips, or contact one of our specialists for more in-depth information about the best cleaning method for your window treatments.

Everyday Cleaning for your Silhouette Window Shadings

To keep care and cleaning easy, Hunter Douglas treats Silhouette window shadings fabric with a proprietary process that repels stains, soil, and dust. For regular maintenance cleanings, first lightly dust your shades—using a feather duster is best. If you need to do a deeper cleaning, gently vacuum the shades with your brush attachment. To get between the vanes, use compressed air or a hairdryer set on cool (not hot!) to blow away the dust. If you need to remove a spot, moisten a soft cloth or sponge with lukewarm water and, if needed, a mild detergent. Then gently blot—never rub—the fabric. To help it maintain the shade’s look, try to avoid creasing the fabric. Note that spot-cleaning your shade might result in that area appearing cleaner than the rest of the shade. Finally, if the fabric of your shade gets wrinkled, you can easily use a handheld travel-size continuous-steam steamer to steam the wrinkles out.

More In-Depth Cleaning for your Silhouette Window Shadings

To keep your Silhouette window shadings looking like new, we recommend two additional cleaning methods. The first is professional ultrasonic cleaning, which is best for heavily soiled treatments. With this method, the cleaning professional dips the shade in a tank filled with warm water and mild detergent and uses sound waves to clean the fabric. The second method is an injection/extraction cleaning system during which the cleaning professional injects a solution into the fabric and then immediately extracts the dirty solution. The cleaning professional will usually come to your home for this method, so there is no need to remove the shade from the window.

Silhouette Window Shadings in the Burlington and Arlington MA Area

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