Improve Productivity with Window Treatments for Home Offices

Working from home has its challenges. Between the dog and the kids, there is always someone needing your help or attention. There are also environmental factors that can impact productivity, such as the location, sounds, and lighting around your workspace. We’ve learned very quickly in our own homes that window treatments are very important when working from home. Here’s how window treatments improve productivity in home offices.

Directing Sunlight from Screens

One of the biggest challenges is reducing glare on computer screens. They can cause you to strain and squint, which makes you uncomfortable and less productive. Moving the position of your desk doesn’t necessarily solve the problem since sunlight can end up on your face instead. You’ll still end up squinting. Adding window treatments is the best solution to this problem. Blinds and shades allow you to redirect and/or filter sunlight, making the entire room more comfortable for working.

Taking Advantage of Natural Light

Although you’d like to avoid issues with direct sunlight and the resulting glare, you don’t want to completely block out light either. That would leave you with artificial lighting all day. Natural sunlight is free to use and has health and psychological benefits. For home offices, avoid light blocking shades and blinds. Instead, go for options that give you varying levels of control. By adapting to the position of the sun throughout the day, you can make perfect use of  natural light in your home office.

For instance, in our home office, we have horizontal blinds. In the morning, we angle the slats slightly downward to minimize direct sunlight into the room. During the second half of the day, they are angled slightly upward to allow maximum light. The room remains well lit throughout the day without direct solar glare.

Get Window Treatments for Home Offices

If you’re looking for window treatments for home offices, stop by our Burlington, MA showroom for assistance. We’ll take the time to understand your needs and will hep you select the perfect solution. Whether you work on a computer all day or have an art studio or other type of home business, there are solutions that will balance your need for natural light while still filtering uncomfortable and harmful UV rays.

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