Eco-Friendly Window Blinds & Shades

Burlington Eco-friendly window blinds and shades

If preserving the environment is important to you, you may want to consider eco-friendly window blinds and shades. The eco-friendly terminology can apply to the materials used in blind and shade manufacturing, the process of manufacturing them, or the recycling potential of the materials. Here are a few to eco-friendly options to consider.

Natural Wood Shades

The most popular eco-friendly window blinds are those made from wood. Wood shades have been around for a long time, but they are now available in more designs and colors. Natural wood blinds are often made from bamboo or North American hardwoods using sustainable harvesting methods. They are typically uncoated, but they can be stained in different colors to match your design needs. Real wood blinds also offer a unique texture and grain that brings a natural, earthy feel to your home.

Faux Wood Blinds

Some faux wood blinds are also eco-friendly because they are made from recycled materials. Many can even be recycled again. This excludes those made from PVC and coated with polymers. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s labeling to distinguish between the two.

Fabric Shades

Eco-friendly shades are those that use fabrics free from PVC and other harmful materials and chemicals. Many come from environmentally conscious farmers who avoid using harsh chemicals or pesticides. Some fabric shades are hand woven and rely on eco-friendly processing from start to finish.

Other Eco-friendly Window Blinds and Shades

Eco-friendly window blinds and shades are available for both residential and commercial uses. In addition to being made from eco-friendly materials and processes, some also provide insulation value. By reducing energy consumption in your home, you are doing even more to help preserve the environment. Stop by our Burlington MA Blinds and Shades Showroom for a first hand look at our selection of eco-friendly window blinds and shades.

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