Buying Used vs. New Home Furnishings

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At a time when reusing and recycling is becoming more than a hipster trend, we thought it would be helpful to look at the pros and cons of buying used vs. new home furnishings. Nowadays, you can find everything from kitchen cabinets to furniture and home decor. Consignment shops and online listings can be a fun and interesting place to search for unique pieces that are still in great and usable shape. Before you buy, consider the following.

Condition of Used Home Furnishings

Items find their way to consignment shops because someone no longer wanted them but believed there was still some usage and value in them. So, first and foremost, expect the items to look and feel “used” and probably dated (in terms of modern design standards). Being dated isn’t always a bad thing since older pieces can often have intricate details and craftsmanship not found in today’s pieces. However, the condition is what you should be most concerned about.

The condition of used home furnishings can range anywhere from great to terrible. The question will be, how much money are you saving by buying used and how much will you need to spend to refurbish it to an acceptable condition? Additionally, it’s worth noting that the remaining life of whatever you purchase will likely be much less than a brand new piece.

Sometimes items such as kitchen cabinets may have come from showroom displays. In that case, you’re in luck as they will be like new. Other times, items will look dated but have great bones to work with. Switching out certain components can give it new life. When considering used home furnishings, you really need to have an eye for details and an open mind.

Benefits of Buying New Home Furnishings

Sure, buying used can save you lots of money, but it also comes with some challenges. Finding the right sizes, configuration, style, etc. is really hit or miss. You can spend lots of time hunting and reviewing options before finally landing on something that might work. The money you are saving can be offset by the value of your time spent finding them. Sometimes, buying new home furnishings is the better option.

New home furnishings can have the following benefits:

  • Modern Designs Available
  • Options to Customize to Your Exact Needs
  • Avoids Repairs in the Short Term
  • Manufacturer’s Warranties
  • Availability of Replacement Parts
  • Longer Remaining Life Span

Naturally, it will cost you more to go with something new. When it comes to major home features such as kitchen cabinets, new cabinetry may add more value to your home than used options, so that’s certainly worth considering. Resale value may be less of a concern when it comes to furniture and decor items.

Reasons for Considering Buying Used vs. New Home Furnishings

Ultimately, it comes down to why you may be grappling with these decisions to begin with. If cost is the primary concern, don’t forget to weigh short-term versus long-term expenses plus the value of your time. If options and designs are important, unique alternatives may be available in both used pieces and custom furniture. Considering all of the facts and options when it comes to buying used vs. new home furnishings will help you make smart interior design decisions.

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