Custom Window Treatments for Odd Shaped Windows

Burlington Massachusetts Custom Window Treatments

Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to make their homes unique. One way to do so is with different window shapes and designs. Unique shapes can be a great focal point for a room, add natural light to spaces that may otherwise not have much, or simply be a fun way to design a home. Selecting the right window treatments for these can be a bit tricky. Here are some tips on window treatments for odd-shaped windows.

Curtains for Odd-shaped Windows

You may think it’s impossible to add curtains to off shaped windows, but that’s simply not true. With custom window treatments, you can add curtains to almost any window. It simply takes a creative approach to designing and hanging them. You’ll need to think about what you’d like to do with the curtains. Do they need to close at certain times for privacy or remain open at all times? Do you wish to block out light or let it in? Do you need full coverage or just partial coverage? What materials, textures, colors, etc. best compliment the space and decor? Curtains can be cut to specific shapes and angles to achieve your unique look.

Blinds for Odd-shaped Windows

Shades and blinds are also possible as window treatments for odd-shaped windows. It helps to not think of blinds and windows in merely the traditional sense of opening up and down or left to right in rectangular spaces. Interesting angles and fixed or flexible positions can apply to shades and blinds. They can be made to fit circle, arch, rake, octagon, sunburst (half-circle), eyebrow, and triangular shapes. Although you can’t simply walk into a hardware store to purchase these, they can be custom ordered to fit your exact window shape, size, and dimensions.

Ordering Custom Window Treatments for Odd-shaped Windows

With so many option to consider, where do you start? At Lynne Greene Interiors, we have interior design specialists who can help you evaluate options and make selections. Our professionals will look at the overall decor of your home and room in addition to your goals. Visit our Burlington, MA showroom for custom window treatments, custom furniture, and all of your interior design needs.

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