10 Fall Living Room Decor Ideas for the Season

Fall Decor with Lynne Greene Interiors
  1. Farmhouse Fall Living Room– the rustic textures and neutral colors of farmhouse style provide the perfect backdrop for fall living room decor.
  2. Living Room Pumpkin Decor– start by gathering pumpkins in various sizes and textures. Paint them white for a crisp, modern look and mix them into book shelves, Vary the scale for more interest.
  3. Natural Fall Living Room Decor– Some of the best fall decor ideas come from nature. Use pumpkins and gourds in various shapes and colors for your mantel, fireplace, coffee table, etc.
  4. Fall Mantel Ideas– Autumn inspired accents in a variety of heights. Pumpkins and a vase with colorful branches keep the fall mantel display interesting.
  5. Simple Fall Living Room Decor- collect colorful leaves from trees in your yard to place atop side tables, on decorative trays and inside vases.
  6. Spooky Fall Living Room Decor– Miniature skull decoration, faux cobwebs make for a stylish yet spooky look. Switch them out for pinecones and cornhusks after Halloween.
  7. Gorgeous Fall Mantel Inspiration– A roaring fire is the final element needed to draw every eye to the stunning fall mantel.
  8. Fall Living Room Color Scheme– Orange, yellow, red, and brown are classic autumn hues, but a splashy accent color can make your fall living room decor stand out even more. Adding in cool colors such as blue and green make the warm tones appear brighter and more vibrant.
  9. Fall Themed Pillows-Add some fun fall living room decor with pillows that change with the season.
  10. Fall Leaves Display– Clip a few tree branches showcasing the brilliant red, yellow and oranges. Put them in a vase of water on display on your table.

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