Tips to Decorate with Black

Learn how you can spice up your home decor by using black with paint, furniture and so much more below!

  1. Paint a black accent wall– Makes a great backdrop if you are layering lots of colors and fabrics.
  2. Use the right undertone– If you have a room with brown or beige neutrals look for a brown undertone.
  3. Use Black trim- black shapes in tile or shower door trim in black, then ground it with one large black component to ground it, such as a black vanity. Another example is black window trim in family room with black book cases.
  4. Add Contrast- using contrasting colors or three-dimensional texture can balance black decor and add lightness when featuring black tile, fabrics, or rugs. For example black wainscoting or black wallpaper with texture is less harsh than plain black.
  5. Paint the ceiling black– If you are unsure about the walls try painting the ceiling black. It adds an unexpected pop of color and can make the ceilings look higher than they really are, especially in a small space.
  6. Use an Unconventional Material- A favorite way to add pops of black is to incorporate the rich color into your home via stone or tile surfaces.
  7. Paint the Walls Black- Don’t be hesitant to use black in a smaller space. While you might be worried it’ll be too intense for a confined area, the color actually can make a space appear more grand,
  8. Paint Built-ins Black- Style black shelves with softer colors and textures to create a focal point without overwhelming the space. Use brushed gold frames, artwork, and various wood and metal elements effectively break up the dark shelves.

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