Pirouette Window Shadings From Hunter Douglas

Alustra® Pirouette® Window Shadings in the Living Room

At Lynne Greene Interiors serving Burlington and Arlington, we want to help our customers find just the right product to meet their needs and their budget. Which is why we proudly offer Hunter Douglas window fashions, including the beautiful and functional Pirouette® window shadings. Read on to see some of the features and benefits of the Pirouette window shadings, and, to see it up close and in action, speak with one of our trained specialists today.

Light Control

When the glaring sun comes directly through an uncovered window, you know your flooring and furnishings are in danger from harmful UV rays; however, if you’ve got a great view, you might be reluctant to cover it or to leave your room in gloom. Luckily, the Pirouette shade can solve all of those troubles. It will diffuse the light through the window when you don’t want the blind completely closed or opened. Diffused light through your windows is good for photography. It makes for optimum lighting for a room because the light is more uniformly spread out to give a softer and warm appeal to the room.

Pirouette Vanes

Pirouette® Window Shadings Vanes

Pirouette vanes (either a 4″ or 5″ vane) are attached to the sheer fabric backing of the window covering. Making a teardrop shape like that of a hobble-style traditional roman shade, the Pirouette vanes can be controlled to flatten or fold.

Any Shape of Window

Pirouette shades aren’t limited to being installed on only square or rectangular windows. They can be custom-made to fit arches, angles, trapezoids, ovals, circles, bays, bows, sliding glass doors, and French doors.

A Fit for Any Décor

You can choose from six different fabric types with 63 different colors, so you are sure to find the perfect look for your room. You could choose the Pirouette Shade in the Alustra® line, which offers two higher-end fabrics called Charmeuse and Valencia, both inspired by the look of raw silk. The Alustra line comes in 5” vane sizes only.

Pirouette Window Shades in the Burlington and Arlington MA Area

Lynne Greene Interiors is committed to your complete satisfaction. As your local Hunter Douglas Gallery, we carry a full line of high quality, fashion-forward window treatments, as well as carpet, rugs, furniture, wallpaper, and design accessories. Our customer service, professionalism, and craftsmanship are second to none.

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