5 Window Treatment Design Tips for 2018

Selecting new window treatments can be a lot of fun. With so many options to choose from, you can achieve almost anything your imagination can dream up. Keep these window treatment design tips in mind to help you achieve the best results.

Lighter is Brighter

Dark and heavy window treatments are out,… light and bright ones are in! Why? It’s all about natural light. A home with more natural light tends to feel more spacious, welcoming, and modern. Going with lighter colors and fabrics maximizes the amount of light entering a home. Additionally, with options like silhouettes, you need not sacrifice privacy for natural light.

Planning Interior Lighting

Interior lighting is equally important. Lighting can help highlight elements of a room and create a particular mood as well. Consider the impact of the type of lighting that you use in addition to the color of the bulbs. In most cases, you should avoid pointing interior lighting directly at window treatments. Instead, they should illuminate usable space or other focal points.

Go Minimal

It’s easy to get carried away with window treatments, so make a conscious effort to be more minimalist. Heavy window treatments can make a home feel dated, whereas simple yet functional treatments can be more elegant. You can still combine window blinds/shades with curtains, but pair them in a way that doesn’t make your windows appear overbearing.

Add Some Texture

Flat colors can sometimes be boring. Don’t be afraid to try different textures. Textured window treatments can add depth to your decor. When combined in the right colors and materials, it can really make your windows pop.

Embrace the Curve

The last of our window treatment design tips is to consider different shapes. Rather than straight window treatment lines, add some curves with valences and curtains. Shapes can also come into play in curtain and shade patterns.

Summary of Window Treatment Design Tips

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to window treatments. As you consider options, just remember to optimize lighting (both interior and exterior), keep things minimal, and consider the use of textures and shapes. With the right balance of design features, your window treatments can beautify your home while still providing functionality.

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