Colorful Yet Classy Window Treatments

Colorful Yet Classy Window Treatments

It seems everyone is leaning towards neutral colors these days. Whites, grays, and beiges are among the most common colors selected for window treatments. They certainly do blend in with existing decor and are the “safe” choice. However, if you’re thinking that you must stay neutral to make your home appear high end and classy, think again. Here are some colorful yet classy window treatments that will make your home stand out.

Designer Banded Shades

Banded shades allow you to incorporate geometric patterns and color. Here’s an example of a blue-toned shade. Notice how it adds the perfect pop of color to an otherwise simple bathroom color scheme. It still maintains a high-end look without compromising color.

Striped Roman Shades

Sometimes even a little bit of color and pattern can go a long way. Here’s a Hunter Douglas roman shade in striped green and beige. This easily compliments beach or country themed decor. It’s subtle yet impactful.

Deep Colored Roman Shades

Speaking of Roman Shades, here’s another example of one we love. This time, it’s a big, bold color. In this office filled with natural toned furniture and walls, a bold color choice for the window treatments provides much needed color and balance.

Colored Roman Shades can also be used in non-neutral colored rooms. Here’s an example of a room with deep wood colors and dark shelving. White or beige window treatments would not go very well in this space. By selecting a deep blue hue, these colorful yet classy window treatments perfectly complete the space.

Colored Cellular Shades

Colored cellular shades are another great option. They are an example of how you can go with color while still remaining within a neutral palette. From earthy tones to a wide range of other colors, you can achieve a high end look with them.

More Colorful Yet Classy Window Treatments

If you’re looking to add some color to your home, there are many colorful yet classy window treatments to choose from. Stop by our Burlington, MA interior design showroom to preview options. We also have experienced interior design staff that can help you pull your home decor theme together.

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