5 Steps to Replacing Window Blinds

Is it time to replace your old, damaged window blinds with clean, fresh and modern new ones? Before you get started, it’s helpful to know what to expect. Here’s a look at the 4 basic steps to replacing window blinds.

1 – Measure Windows

You will want to purchase new window blinds before taking down the old ones. Before you can order them, you’ll need to measure your windows. Most windows, especially in older Massachusetts homes, are not evenly spaced. Thus, you should measure the interior space of your windows in 3 different locations,…the top, middle, and bottom. Don’t forget to also measure the height of your window.

2 – Order New Blinds

As you shop for new blinds, consider the size, location, and shape of your windows. Dramatic spacing issues may change the type of window blinds that you select or may prompt you to mount them on the outside (instead of inside) of your windows. Short windows will require removal of extra blind slats. Speak to one of our design consultants for help with selecting the right type of blinds. You may even decide to go with shades or some other window treatment option!

2 – Remove Old Window Treatments

Next, you’ll need to remove your old window treatments. Carefully unmount them using the proper tools. Try not to damage the window frame in the process. If your window blinds are still in good condition, consider donating them to a local non-profit organization. Otherwise, look into recycling them, if possible.

3 – Repair Window Surfaces

Before installing new window blinds, fill in the screw holes from the old ones. It’s unlikely that your new blinds will fit into the exact same spot. While you’re at it, use this opportunity to also clean up and paint your window frames. Your new window blinds will look even better in your clean and repaired windows!

5 – Install

The last step is to install your new window treatments. First, gather the necessary tools. Perform a dry run for positioning and spacing against the window frame. Follow the included instructions for attaching the hardware. Mount the blinds to the hardware and enjoy!

Help with Replacing Window Blinds

If you’re not particularly handy, we can help with replacing window blinds in your home. Our technicians can take appropriate measurements, remove your old window blinds, and install your new ones. With our help, you are sure to have the correct measurements  and a secure installation of your new blinds. Stop by our Burlington, MA showroom to browse options and to speak to our design consultants.


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