Window Treatment Trends

Window Treatment Trends

Window treatments are becoming more than an optional home accessory. These days, they are a necessity! You can do so much with windows in your home. Here are some window treatment trends that might inspire you.

A Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point. Depending on your room layout, your windows may be it. Your window treatments are extremely important in this case as they, then, become part of the focal point. Put some extra consideration into the style, material, and color of your blinds and curtains so that they stand out beutifully.

Special Materials

Long gone of the days of mere plastic blinds and cotton curtains. Special materials are a growing trend. From bamboo to fabrics, the options are much greater than you ever imagined. So, don’t be scared to try something different!

Bold Colors and Patterns

A pop of color or bold pattern can be exactly what your room needs. We often think about adding a bold piece to other elements of a room, so why not do so with the windows? A colorful curtain can balance out more neutral aspects of your room. A wooden shade may be the depth that your simple bathroom decor needs. Colors and patterns are limited by only your imagination.

Hi-Tech Solutions

One of the most popular window treatment trends is incorporating the use of technology. Why manually roll up and down your shades and blinds when you can do so with just a click of a button? In fact, you can even set them to a schedule or control them when you are away from home! They are not only convenient, but they can also improve the safety of your home. Learn more about motorized shades and how they can make your life more convenient.

More Window Treatment Trends

We love window treatments, so naturally, we love that they’re getting more attention these days. Incorporate your window treatments into your overall home decor plans and you can create a space that is truly beautiful and unique. If you’re not sure where to start or what is available, stop by our Burlington MA showroom for a design consultation. Our design experts will be delighted to assist you!

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