Best Window Treatments for Different Areas of Your Home

Window treatments are not a one-size-fits all solution. The best window treatments for different areas of your home depend on several factors including the use of the room, size of the window, view from the window, direction it faces, etc.  Here’s a look at different types of windows and what window treatments may work best.

Windows With Dramatic Views

If you have an awesome view from your windows, you probably don’t want to obstruct that. Avoid vertical blinds as those take up a lot of space even when retracted to one side. Instead, opt for slim shades, shutters, or curtains. Slim shades can be rolled up to the top, leaving the full width of the window exposed to the view. Shutters can expose the entire window pane when opened and placed to the side of the windows. Curtains rods can extend beyond to the left and right of the window, making the entire window visible when curtains are drawn to the sides.

Windows Facing Busy Streets

For busy streets, you’ll want privacy without completing blocking sunlight. Silhouette shades are a great solution for this. They can be angled in a way that blocks the view from prying eyes while still allowing natural sunlight to enter your home.

Windows With Lots of Natural Sunlight

For sunny rooms in your home, consider window treatments with UV protection. This can save your furnishings from sun damage. Fortunately, there are many options and styles to choose from.

Windows in Entertainment Rooms

Sometimes you don’t want natural sunlight to enter a room. Perhaps it causes glare on tv screens or obstructs players’ views for different games. Room darkening shades are a great solution.

Summary of Best Window Treatments for Different Areas of Your Home

Most people select a single type of window treatment to install throughout their home. However, every room is different. Selecting the best window treatments for different areas of your home will give you the best use and functionality. We hope that the above tips will help! Stop by our showroom and speak to our experts for further assistance.

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