Common Window Treatment Mistakes

Selecting window treatments is a much more complex process than it use to be. New products and alternatives provide a wealth of options for consumers. Although this is a great thing, it also leaves room for some common mistakes. As you look for window treatments for your Massachusetts home, avoid these common window treatment mistakes.

1 – Not Matching Components

A common mistake to make with window treatments is not matching your hardware. If you are going with curtains, consider the color of your rods compared to other hardware in your room, such as your doorknobs. Also, think about how your window hardware looks against the textiles of your window treatments. For instance, if you have silver colors in your curtains, gold hardware may not look as sleek as silver or brushed nickel.

2 – Losing Sight of the Big Picture

Another consideration is the overall look of your room. Avoid tunnel vision when it comes to your windows. Look at the big picture and tie your window treatment selections in with your furniture and other decor. Which elements should blend together and which should stand out. Looking at your overall decor will help you make smart selections for your window treatments.

3 – Overlooking Functionality

Among the common window treatment mistakes is forgetting to consider functionality. Pretty window treatments do you little good if they don’t meet your particular needs. Remember that your needs might also change with the season. Select window treatments that adapt to changing weather conditions to get the most for your money.

4 – Not Getting a Custom Fit

We cannot stress enough the importance of getting a custom fit for your window treatments. Room darkening shades that aren’t custom fitted may let in glimmers of light. Insulating window treatments may fail to create a barrier that achieves energy efficiency when not fitted properly. Your window treatments will only work properly when they are measured and installed specifically for your windows. Avoid making this mistake by getting your windows measured and fitted by trained professionals.

Summary of Common Window Treatment Mistakes

By avoiding the common window treatment mistakes noted above, you can select window treatments that work properly, achieve your decor goals, and provide added value to your home. At Lynne Greene Interiors, we specialize in helping you make the right decisions for your window treatment purchases. From curtains to shades and blinds, we offer both standard and custom tailored solutions. Stop by our Burlington, MA showroom for assistance with all of your window and home decor needs.

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