Christmas Decorating Ideas

Read on to learn more about how to decorate for Christmas and make your home beautiful for the holidays.

  1. DON’T BE SCARED TO MIX OLD WITH NEW-Don’t be afraid to mix and match eras.
  2. GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR CHRISTMAS CARD DISPLAY-Using a second-hand set of wooden window shutters and some forest green paint, you can quickly add color, texture, and organic materials into your home.
  3. DECK THE HALLS (AND LIVING ROOM) WITH CANDY DECOR-Create a fun and 3D, Willy Wonka-style Christmas living room scheme by fixing candy canes and other hard candies to striped wallpaper or paint decor.
  4. CREATE A SWIMMINGLY MODERN NAUTICAL SCHEME-If summer and water are your passion go with a nautical Christmas theme to keep you happy year round.
  5. WARM UP A DARK BLUE SCHEME WITH COPPER-Like the moon across water, the play of light through rich shades of copper and iridescent blues brings decadent splendor with a sprinkle of sparkle
  6. CREATE AN UNEXPECTED ASYMMETRIC DISPLAY-Many holiday mantles have that symmetrical look, so add some interest with an asymmetrical display using trees or larger stockings.
  7. DIY A RUSTIC ADVENT CALENDAR – Find fun ways to create advent calendar decor that is fun for the kids as well.
  8. ADD SOME SUBTLE FESTIVE DECOR TO YOUR KITCHEN-hang some foliage around a doorway, in your cabinets and over your lighting. Add some cute hanging decorations on your handles too to complete the look.
  9. PICK AN ALTERNATIVE COLOR PALETTE THIS YEAR-A pink Christmas tree is our dream. We love the soft, vintage-inspired look, and we are up for sporting what is one of the cutest throwback Christmas decorating ideas around.
  10. PAPER STARS MAKE CHRISTMAS DECORATING EASY-The easiest, most effective Christmas decorating ideas we are going for this year? Paper stars. Or just any paper decs actually. They look so stylish and like you have really put in some effort.

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