17 Restful Retreat Color Ideas for Bedrooms


  1. Traditional Neutral Bedroom Colors– Off-white walls, bedding and draperies wrap the room with subtle warmth and elegant simplicity.
  2. Greige Bedroom Ideas– Mix of gray and beige make for a nice contrast in neutral tones.
  3. Black and White Bedroom– Truly a no-fail combination for neutral bedrooms
  4. Contrasting Neutral Colors– Dusty blue pairs easily with neutral bedroom colors to create a soothing look.
  5. Mixing Neutrals– A handful of warm-toned natural textures-such as a wicker-adorned headboard and linen window shades-soften the contrast of a black and white palette.
  6. Neutral Bedroom with Colorful Accents– Liven up an otherwise neutral bedroom with one or two brightly colored accessories.
  7. Tint Neutral Colors with Other Hues of Colors– Neutral colors don’t have to be just black and white.
  8. Patterned Neutral Bedroom Decor– Add patterns and textures create visual interest. Keep in mind the scale and colors of each print when mixing.
  9. Cottage-Style Neutral Bedroom- Many times Cottage-Style uses neutral styles and patterns to complete the look.
  10. Neutral Wood Tones- Use different wood tones to add richness to a neutral bedroom.
  11. Neutral Bedroom Inspiration- Use a canvas of neutral walls to express yourself through accents and accessories.
  12. Warm Neutral- Buttery-yellow walls add warmth with golden accessories lend a hint of drama.
  13. Modern Neutral Bedroom Colors- Neutrals lend themselves well to modern decorating schemes.
  14. Monochromatic Neutral Bedroom– Symmetrical furniture arrangements and monotone color schemes add a nice pleasing visual balance.
  15. Tone-on-tone Neutrals– Lustrous materials and traditional-style furnishings give a bedroom a luxurious feel.
  16. Neutral Foundation- Start with a neutral base to give dramatic furnishings time to shine
  17. Airy Bedroom Color Scheme- Warm, off-white colors on the walls reflect light streaming in from floor-to-ceiling. A plush area rug adds plush texture and helps ground the room.

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