Tips for Maximizing Square Footage

Whether you are a downsizing to a smaller place, a tiny home convert, or just limited by spatial constraints – that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and live larger in your existing space. There are various ways you can find, add, or free up space in your home. Here are a few tips for maximizing square footage:

Open it Up!

In an effort to make your space appear larger, the best place to begin is with an open floor plan. Are they any non-bearing walls that you can knock down to combine rooms? You’d be amazed by how removing even a tiny wall can totally change the perspective.

Another tactic is to rearrange your furniture to open up the floor plan. Changing the flow of traffic can unblock pathways and create a more open feel. You might even consider replacing bulky furniture with sleeker options.

Change your Perspective

If you are physically unable to expand a room, there are other various tricks to give it a larger appearance. This is where the use of color comes into play. Painting your walls and ceiling the same light hue will give a sense of openness and make the room appear larger. You can also give that expanded feel by installing tiles or hardwood diagonally on the floor, creating an optical illusion. Strategically placed mirrors work in the same way by tricking your eye into thinking it’s looking farther into space. Don’t forget to make use of natural light. Find a way to bring in more natural light to your home. Remove any heavy drapes or window treatments and replace them with sheer, airy fabrics.

Be Creative with Storage

We often overlook many empty spaces that could be used for storage. The staircase is a great example. Open up the wall beneath the staircase to add cabinets, bookcases, or shelves. Another idea is to use empty wall space for built-in shelving – just make sure to be selective with items placed so as not to overcrowd or clutter. Are there empty spaces beneath your windows or in an unused corner? Why not add a window seat or banquette? Not only will you add a cozy place to sit, but you’ll have below-deck storage space as well. Rethink your coffee table. Use a trunk in its place so that you have another place to store items.

More on Tips for Maximizing Square Footage

There are plenty of tricks and tips for maximizing square footage – you just have to know where to look and be creative with your solutions. Stop by our Burlington, MA Interior Design Center to speak with one of our design specialists. We’re a one stop shop for all of your interior design needs!

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