Wallpaper Trends for Massachusetts Home Decorating

Should you consider wallpaper for home decor? Is it a dated option or still a valid home decor solution? It may seem that wallpaper is no longer used these days, but that’s not necessarily true. You just may not know that what you’re seeing is wallpaper! Although the typical homeowner may opt to simply paint nowadays, sophisticated homeowners with a desire to create a trendy or unique space still turn to wallpaper. Here are a few wallpaper trends for Massachusetts home decorating that we love.

Geometric Wallpaper Patterns

Geometric patterns are back! Whether your desired theme is retro, chic, traditional, or modern, there’s a geometric pattern that will fit your needs. They come in so many colors and patterns, it’s truly only limited by your imagination.

Photo Credit: The Architect’s Diary

Accent Walls

Sometimes you need wallpaper on just on wall, to create a focal point in the room or as an accent. Wallpaper is a great choice for this as well. Click here for 28 accent wall ideas that may inspire your home decor plans.

Photo Credit: The Architect’s Diary


When you hear the terms bold and chic, you probably think about metallics. This cannot be achieved by paint, so wallpaper is your best solution. Metallic wallpaper allows you to add a neutral element but with a big impact. When using any metallics, careful consideration must be given to how much to use and where to use it. Also, it must tie in properly to other elements of your decor.

Digital Prints

Digital prints are best and newest of wallpaper trends for Massachusetts home decorating. You can basically get anything printed on wallpaper including landscapes, landmarks, maps, artwork, etc. You can even use wallpaper to create a wall that looks like brick stone or natural materials. This option can help you create a truly one-of-a-kind space. Click here for additional information and ideas.


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Don’t Forget the Texture

Another popular trend is wallpaper with texture. If you’re creating a wall with a woodgrain pattern, wouldn’t it be great to have a little texture that makes it feel more real? Textured wallpaper adds another depth to your home decor. It’s one of our favorite wallpaper trends for Massachusetts home decorating.

Summary of Wallpaper Trends for Massachusetts Home Decorating

The great thing about Massachusetts is that its diversity in housing options allows for a wider range of interior decorating approaches. Whether you’re looking to achieve a simple or complex design, the above wallpaper trends can help you do so. There are so many options to consider, that you may want to consult with a professional to help you pull it all together. Visit Lynne Greene Interiors for assistance. We’re more than just Burlington Window Treatment providers. We also help with all of your Interior Decorating needs.

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