6 Tips to Bring Your Style to Life

  1. Consider All Residents- First decide on the function of the room. Then pick a color palette and from there, start to blend styles. It can be difficult to blend items with one style in mind. Try an eclectic look of blending styles together with balance.
  2. Select Your Space- Bringing in your new style can be daunting, so pick a space. Maybe a small space like an entry way might be a cost-effective way to make the change. Another idea is the kitchen with paint and changing hardware to start to bring in your style.
  3. Avoid Copying and Pasting Inspiration- Find your style your way. Many times, people bring in a photo of a celebrity for hair style inspiration. It never comes out just right, because your hair color or texture is different. The same is relatable with home design, because no space is exactly the same.
  4. Think About the Full Experience- Sit in the room to determine the full experience of the project. Do you want soft and cozy materials? What sounds are in the room? What smells are surrounding the room? How are all the senses feeling when the room is complete?
  5. Don’t Put it in Neutral- Sometimes when people are nervous about committing to a new style, they end up selecting a neutral palette not matching your style. Take baby steps and find pieces you truly love to make your space your own.
  6. Invest & Collect- Your space might take years to invest and collect to make it your own. Enjoy the process and your style will evolve over time.

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