Carpet Fiber Materials and Designs

Carpeting is a popular flooring material because it is cost effective and comfortable. There are actually quite a few options available for materials, textures, and colors. So, where do you start? Here’s a quick overview of carpet fiber materials and designs.

Popular Materials

When deciding among carpet materials, consider durability, stain resistance, and cost. The most common carpeting materials are:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Olefin
  • Wool

Nylon is a synthetic fabric and is the most popular option. It holds up extremely well to wear and tear and can be easily cleaned. It feels most like wool, but wool is more expensive. Wool is a natural material but can be more difficult to remove stains from. Olefin is most popular in commercial properties. It is less crush-resistant, but is just as tough. Polyester is another option. It is the weakest of these materials is polyester but has other benefits. It is made from recycled bottle caps and is non-allergenic.

Twist and Density

The durability of a carpet has a lot to do with its twist and density. A carpet with more twists per square inch will last longer, as it will not unravel when heavy objects are placed on it. These are normally good for offices and other commercial spaces with a lot of foot traffic or heavy furniture. A carpet with fewer twists is softer and provides more cushion. This is ideal for residential uses. After all, there’s nothing like a soft carpet underneath your bare feet.


Carpeting can also have different textures. This is the where carpeting can play into a home’s décor. Cut pile, loop and cut-loop are the three textures you can buy. Cut pile carpets have exposed edges and are typically softer than the other two options. Loop carpets are a bit more rough but easier to clean, so they are commonly found in hotels and family rooms.

Final Notes on Carpet Fiber Materials and Designs

So, what material, twist, density, and textures should you select for your home? It can actually vary for each room. For bedrooms, you might want a softer option. For family rooms and stairways with heavy traffic, you might want a more durable material. If you have children or pets, selecting something easy to clean is a must. If you have allergies, polyester could be ideal. The size of a space might prompt you to select one texture over another, for the décor aspect. If this sounds like a lot to consider, don’t worry. We’re here to help! Stop by our Burlington MA showroom to speak with one of our design consultants. We’ll help you find the right carpet to fit the needs of every room in your home!

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