Window Treatment Goals

Burlington MA window treatments

Whether you’re looking for shades, blinds, or curtains, there’s usually a particular purpose or goal that you have in mind. Those window treatment goals will determine which options you should consider. Are you looking for privacy, to block out light, to insulate your home, or add decor? These are important questions to answer when shopping for window treatments.

Adding Privacy

Most people install window treatments to add privacy to their homes. Fortunately, almost all window treatment options will provide some level of privacy. The question is, how much privacy do you need and how important is privacy compared to your other window treatment goals? For instance, do you want full privacy and little light, some privacy and lots of natural sunlight, or something in between?

Filtering or Blocking Light

Given that we’re talking about “window” treatments, blocking or filtering light is naturally a question you will be asked. Your window treatments can completely block out light (which is great for media rooms, for instance), block some light, or let in a maximum amount of natural light. It’s really up to your preference. You can use a combination of blinds/shades and curtains for added flexibility on light entering your home. Some people have very specific preferences when it comes to sunlight, while others are more flexible. Which are you?

Improving Insulation

Are you looking for your window treatments to provide any specific level of insulation for your home? In hot climates, you may want to block out heat. In cold climates, you’ll want to retain heat and block out cold. If insulation is a concern, then you’ll want to review certain products such as the honeycomb design of the Hunter Douglas Duette. Curtains also come with insulating materials.

Adding to Decor

Decor is an extremely important factor and will likely be part of your window treatment goals. Decor covers such a wide range of characteristics including material, color, pattern, and texture. What combination of these elements will help you complete the look of your room? You won’t believe the number of options available!

Achieving Your Window Treatment Goals

At Lynne Greene Interiors, we can help you achieve all of your window treatment goals. Let us know what you’re looking to accomplish and we’ll show you products with the right combination of features to meet your needs. Our Burlington MA showroom is filled with window treatment options and inspiration for your home. Stop by to visit us today or call to schedule an appointment with one of our interior design consultants.

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