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Shades and Blinds That Filter Sunlight

It is important to allow natural sunlight into your home, but there’s also such as thing as too much sunlight. Fortunately, window treatments can address that problem and help you control the amount of sunlight entering your home. Here are a few reasons why this is important and some shades and blinds that filter sunlight.

Pros and Cons of Natural Sunlight

Typically, you wouldn’t want to entirely block sunlight from entering your home unless you’re sleeping or watching a movie during the day. Natural sunlight can psychologically improve your mood. It also makes your home feel larger, which is important if you’re spending a lot of time at home. Natural sunlight also minimizes the need for turning your lights on, so it can save electricity. Lastly, the sun helps warm your home and reduces the need for as much heating during the day. These are all great reasons to keep your curtains open and welcome in the sun.

Alternatively, too much sun can have a negative impact. While working from home, it can cause glare on your computer screen, which results in eye strain. It can also damage furnishings and flooring with direct and prolonged exposure. Fabrics in your curtains and couches can fade in color. Certain types of flooring are also known to fade over time. You’ve probably seen this first hand when moving area rugs or furniture and see two different shades of hardwood in the room. For these reasons, filtering sunlight can be ideal.

Shades and Blinds That Filter Sunlight

There are many shades and blinds that allow in sunlight but filter it to different extents, for your comfort. Here are two popular modern solutions.

  1. SilhouettesSilhouette window shadings from Hunter Douglas are a popular option. They’re made from an innovative sheer fabric that filters the light. You can also adjust the vanes to increase or decrease the amount of sunlight entering your home.
  2. Roller ShadesRoller shades are another great solution. Screen shades come in different opacities, so you can select the level of light blocking and filtering needed for specific rooms. Banded shades have alternating solid and sheer fabric that allow you to adjust light exposure.

Depending on the specific needs of each room in your home, other options may be available as well. Stop by our Burlington, MA showroom to view samples and chat with our design specialists. We can help you select shades and blinds that filter sunlight and provide additional functionality for your living space. Something as simple as window treatments can dramatically change the comfort and utility of your home!

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