Spring Guide to Help Get Your House Organized

spring cleaning

Get Organized- Eliminate clutter in each room before cleaning. Sort into piles for donation, garage sale, and garbage.
Wash Windows – Wash windows with water and a microfiber cloth on a cloudy day to avoid streaks.
Clean Sliding- Door Tracks Scrub sliding door tracks with a toothbrush and vacuum any debris. Rinse with a wet sponge.
Clean Overlooked Surfaces- Wash baseboards, door frames, and walls with warm, soapy water.
Deep Clean Carpets- Hire a professional carpet cleaner or rent a deep cleaner to wash carpets annually.
Clean Under Large Items- Lift furniture and roll up area rugs before vacuuming floors. Additionally, vacuum behind kitchen appliances.
Refresh Furniture- Polish wood furniture and restore smooth leather with an upholstery cleaner.
Dust Light Fixtures –Use a microfiber cloth to dust fixtures and bulbs. For ceiling fans, use an extendable duster.
Transition Wardrobe – Move the winter clothes to storage and bring out the spring and summer clothes.
Safety Check- Check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Purchase a fire extinguisher if you don’t have one.
Clean Window Treatments -Vacuum curtains and draperies with an upholstery attachment

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