Cleaning Tips for Fabric Shades

Cleaning Tips for fabric shades

Fabric shades are a nice alternative to plastic or metal window treatments. The use of fabric instantly adds warmth and texture. It’s important to clean your shades regularly to keep them looking beautiful and new. Here are a few cleaning tips for fabric shades. [Read more…]


Window Curtain Cleaning Options | Window Treatment Maintenance Tips

Over the fall and winter months, a layer of dust and dirt may build up on your curtains. Spring is a great time to freshen up your window treatments. If you’re not sure how to properly clean your window treatments, here are a few window curtain cleaning options. [Read more…]


Spring Window Cleaning Tips

Spring window cleaning tips

As you go through your Spring cleaning checklist, don’t forget about your windows! Windows can get really dirty over the fall and winter months. Routing cleaning will help them remain in good working order, bring in more sunlight, and allow you to better enjoy your views. Here are some Spring window cleaning tips to make the process a little easier this year. [Read more…]