Energy Efficient Window Blinds from Hunter Douglas

As the weather gets colder here in Massachusetts, heating bills go up. With most families remote learning and working from home, evaluating your home’s energy consumption is more important than ever. As you look for ways to reduce your heating expenses, don’t forget about your window treatments. Windows and doors are the most common sources of heat escape. By upgrading to energy efficient window blinds from Hunter Douglas, you can improve functionality and save money. Here are a few products to consider. [Read more…]


Energy Saving Home Decor Ideas

Burlington Massachusetts Energy Saving Home Decor

Your home decor can do much more than make your space look beautiful. It can also help conserve energy. Here are some energy saving home decor ideas to consider if you live in Massachusetts. With frigid temperatures this winter, it’s never too late to reconsider your home decor choices, with energy savings in mind. [Read more…]


Energy Saving Benefits of Window Treatments

Energy Saving Benefits of Window Treatments Burlington MA

Winter is coming! If you are concerned about rising heating costs and are looking for solutions, consider the energy saving benefits of window treatments. Whether you have newer or older windows, window treatments can provide added benefits that can save you money over the winter months. [Read more…]