5 Benefits of Adding Area Rug’s to Your Home

Area rugs are an easy-to-add interior design element to your home. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors, so you are sure to find one that perfectly fits your home decor needs. There are actually many other benefits of adding area rugs to your home. Here are just a few.

Dampening Noise

All types of rugs and carpeting help to reduce noise by absorbing sound. On flooring surfaces, they address both footsteps (by softening those steps) and the noise carried in the air.  Therefore, they’re a great way to reduce noise traveling down to your neighbors in apartments,… or to lower noise within your own home when placed in upper level living areas.

Reducing Allergens

A surprising fact is that area rugs can actually help reduce allergens in your home. How so? Allergens can float around on hard floor surfaces and easily make its way back into the air you breathe. On the other hand, carpets and area rugs capture and hold those allergens. More allergens will nestle into the fibers of your area rug and get sucked into your vacuum as opposed to being blown back into the air. So, if you suffer winter allergies, area rugs can provide relief.

Increasing Comfort

Most homeowners choose hardwood or laminate flooring because it looks nicer and contributes to home values. However, it is not great on the feet and joints. Adding even a thin level of cushioning on walking surfaces can make a big difference. Rugs are also softer on the feet, and therefore more comfortable. Adding a thick padding below your carpeting can provide even more comfort.

Adding Warmth

Rugs are not only comfortable, but they are warm! This is essential during winter months in Massachusetts. Rather than walking on cold flooring, wouldn’t you rather walk on carpeting? They also function as an added barrier, for insulating value. Area rugs can help reduce your heating expenses during cold months, making that one of the biggest benefits of adding area rugs to your home.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Adding Area Rugs to Your Home

Although the benefits of adding area rugs to your home may now be clear, selecting the right one for your home might not be. Fortunately, the interior designers at Lynne Greene Interiors are here to help. Stop by our Burlington, MA showroom for assistance with all of your design needs.

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