Home Office Ideas to Improve Productivity

One of the most difficult things about working from home is staying productive.  Where you work and how you set up your office space is critical to getting your work done quickly, otherwise, you can find yourself spending more hours to get the same amount of work done. Given that so many fo us are working from home now, here are some home office ideas to improve productivity.

1 – Create a Separate Space

There are so many possible distractions when working from home. One of the best ways to reduce those distractions is to create a separate space for work. Instead of sitting in the living room, dining room, or other common area, create a space away from the hustle and bustle of household activity. For instance, use a guest room that’s not otherwise occupied.

2 – Maximize Lighting

Lighting is so important to productivity. Make use of daylight by opening curtains and blinds,…and facing your computer screen away from direct sunlight to reduce glare. For early morning and evening hours, make sure there is sufficient lighting. Dark spaces tend to cause eye strain and reduce energy levels. Including enough natural and artificial lighting will instantly make you more productive and energized.

3 – Add Some Life to the Decor

Add some life to your office with a few indoor plants. This not only livens up the space, but it makes it healthier too. Plants generate oxygen and are therefore naturally beneficial. They can also provide a pleasant scent,… creating an aromatherapy effect while you work. Studies have shown that plants in your home reduce stress and improve productivity.

4 – Find a Comfortable Temperature

If you’re too cold or too hot, your body will spend energy on counteracting that discomfort and less energy on your productivity. This is why offices in basements or screened sunrooms may not work well. Instead, select an area of your home with a well regulated temperature. Dress for your own comfort as well.

5 – Invest in Some Helpful Products

Lastly, having the right furniture and tools can go a long way in improving your productivity. For example, if you normally work on a small laptop screen, consider attaching a full keyboard or monitor. Most can be attached directly to your laptop and instantly improve your working comfort. Likewise, small improvements such as seat cushions and leg rests can help too. Think about what is least comfortable with your workspace to identify improvements. Some discomforts are acceptable when you work from home once in a blue moon, but with Coronavirus precautions, we’re likely to be doing this for an extended period of time.

Summary of Home Office Idea to Improve Productivity

By creating a dedicated, well-lit, and comfortable workspace with some modern conveniences, you can work more efficiently from your home office. We hope you found these Home Office Ideas to Improve Productivity helpful and that they help address at least some of the challenges that you are facing.

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