Modern Window Treatment Ideas

Modern Window Treatment Ideas

There are so many interesting ways to decorate your windows. Window treatment options are really only limited by your imagination. Here are some modern window treatment ideas to consider when it’s time to freshen up your window decor.

1 – Patterned Shades and Sheers

Patterned shades come with different color and shape options. They are a great way to add an artsy element to rooms while also filtering light and increasing privacy. The image above is of a patterned sheer from Hunter Douglas.

2 – Semi-transparent Stickers

When you hear the phrase, “window stickers”, you probably think about the semi-translucent type commonly used in bathrooms. Nowadays, stickers can cover part or all of your window. They can be used to add privacy or simply to beautify your window panes.

3 – Stained Glass Film

Stained glass is also back in style but with a modern twist. Forget about the church-like patterns from the past. Now, stained glass is available as a film for placement on existing window panes and comes in artistic and modern patterns.

4 – Metal Screens

Another seemingly dated window treatment given a modern refresh are metal screens. These can be used for privacy and decor. Front natural leaf patterns to geometric shapes, you are sure to find one that fits yoru personality.

5 – Printed Roller Shades

Another modern window treatment idea is printed roller shades. Display your favorite floral or geometric pattern, quote, landscape, or photo. Shades can be customized to almost anything you can imagine.

6 – Frosted or Etched Glass

Frosted glass is not a new type of window treatment, but they are receiving renewed interest. From solid translucent panes to geometric patterns, the options are diverse.

Summary of Modern Window Treatment Ideas

So, there you have it,… those are 6 modern window treatment ideas for your home. Whether you’d like to decorate window panes directly or add a layer of blinds/shades/screens, you now have many patterns and colors to choose from. With so many options, where do you start? Meet with the interior design consultants at Lynne Greene Interiors for help with achieving a look that fits your personal style while adding functionality and value to your home.

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