7 Organizing Mistakes

Many New Years Resolutions involve getting more organized. Here are a few things not to do as you start your organization process

  1. Setting Unrealistic Expectations- Who doesn’t love a hand towel that say “Sorry about the mess we live here.” This is important to remember when starting to organize. Magazine homes and show houses are usually empty homes that no one lives in, so although they are great inspirations they are not realistic if you plan to live in your  home.
  2. Holding On to Unused Items- Before organizing an area take everything out and ask if it is something you really need before you put it back away. For clothes ask if you have worn it in the last year or if it fits.
  3. Utilizing One Type of Storage- Putting everything behind closed doors might look better, but causes you to hoard unneeded/forgotten items. Use a mix of both open and closed storage throughout your home.
  4. Putting Papers in a Pile- Stacking up papers is a temporary solution, but causes you to miss payment and lose things. Try creating a command center and categorize what you need. Shred anything with your personal data on it that you don’t need.
  5. Designate Decluttering to a Single Day- Decluttering is less daunting and easier if done regularly throughout the year vs once a year.
  6. Neglecting to Measure- Organization will require lots of storage units and containers. Be sure and measure before going out to purchase. Also think about the size of the items you need to store. Make sure anything that hangs on the door you can still get to the handle.
  7. Storing Donations Out of Sight- If you have a hidden donation pile somewhere in your home over time it might collect and overflow. Be sure to put it in sight, so you will remember to drop it off when it is full.

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