Inside vs Outside Mount Blinds

Inside versus Outside Mount Blinds

Picking Window blinds can be a daunting task, as they come in a variety of styles and colors. Another thing to think about is will it mount inside the window frame or outside of the frame. There are many things you need to consider when determining which style blind to buy and the mount should be considered before making a purchase. These are a few factors to think about ahead of time.

Window Trim Style

Windows can be framed with or without trim. Most traditional Massachusetts homes have trim and might allow for a better inside mount application. More modern homes are being done without a frame. You might also see frameless windows in apartment buildings or industrial spaces with simple drywall around the windows. If you have pretty wood trim, then you may want to mount blinds inside and show off the trim. Even using wood blind or shutter to coordinate and enhance the wood might be a great option. In cases where there is no trim, mounting on the outside might be your only option and now you have to consider which product will work and won’t protrude into the room as much.

Depth of Window Frame

If you have a window frame, then now you have to factor how much depth does the window frame have. The normal inset is just a few inches, which gives the flexibility to go with either option, as well as more blind options to choose from. However, another thing to think about is which way do your windows tilt in to make sure the inside mount still allows operation of the window. Vice versa if you do decide to go outside mount this style can make your room appear smaller.

Curtain Plans

If you plan to have both blinds/shade and curtains in front, this can also alter be a factor in your mounting strategy. Curtains are usually mounted on the outside, so it makes more sense to mount the blinds or shade on the inside. This way, the brackets won’t interfere with one another. It also achieves a cleaner look since both the blinds and curtains will occupy separate spaces within the window area. If you do not have the mounting depth, another option is to have stationary panels that don’t have a function and are only used for decoration.

Blind/ Shade Style

The blind or style option offers many different factors to think about. What is the depth of the treatment, do you need room-darkening for light sensitivity, etc. Honeycomb blinds are a great blackout product and have a small stack vs woodblinds can leave some light gaps,but offers you a tilt option to see out with some privacy. The woodblinds have a larger stack when all the way up. If you decide you don’t want curtains, but need some fabric then is a roman shade the style you want to go with. The style might limit the mount you have to go with.

More Info Inside Versus Outside Mount Blinds

After treating hundreds of windows, Lynne Greene Interiors can help you make the decision on how to mount your treatment and which treatment would work best for your particular window. At Lynne Greene Interiors, we manage all aspect of interior design. We can help you create combinations that achieve your desired look and function well for your space. Stop by our showroom in Burlington, MA for assistance.

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