Spring Cleaning Series- 1


Get the most out of your spring cleaning by using our spring cleaning checklist. Tackle every room in your house – from bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen to the living room.

Every Room

  • Wash Baseboards, door ceilings, window sills, doors, and walls.
  • Vacuum and wash vents.
  • Wash window treatments (drapes, etc.).
  • Dust blinds.
  • Wash Windows – inside and out
  • Dust and shine overhead lights – replace burnt light bulbs.
  • Dust and/or vacuum light fixtures and lamp shades.


  • Clean out pantry.
  • Wash kitchen cabinets.
  • Deep clean oven.
  • Move fridge – vacuum and mop behind it.
  • Vacuum coils on fridge.
  • Deep clean fridge inside – wash outside.

Living Room

  • Dust and wash any and all mirrors, frames, and decorative items.
  • Vacuum all upholstery.
  • Vacuum all lamp shades.
  • Dust furniture and fixtures.
  • Wash all throw pillows and blankets (use steam).
  • Dust and polish furniture.
  • Vacuum and shampoo carpets – mop and wax if necessary.


  • Wash all bedding.
  • Wash all bed and throw pillows.
  • Flip Mattress – if using pillow top, rotate mattress.
  • Purge anything stored under bed you don’t want anymore.


  • Change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Check all electronics, make sure they are plugged in, cords are untangled and everything is plugged into a surge protector.
  • Check expiration date on fire extinguisher.
  • Sweep front porch and back deck.
  • Store all winter items, clothes, and decorations.
  • Disinfect all computer keyboards and mouse – Use compressed air to remove crumbs, dust and other particulates. Use a dampened microfiber cloth and wipe the keys down. Use dry microfiber to remove any leftover moisture. Disinfectant wipes are okay to use as well.


  • Clean and disinfect tub and shower.
  • Wash bathmats.
  • Dust and replace decorative items.
  • Wash and/or replace shower liners and shower curtains.


  • Discard old and expired makeup. Clean your makeup holders
  • Update all your house first aid kits. Toss expired medication while sorting other medication.
  • Dry clean any necessary winter clothing or items. Store all winter items for next year.
  • Donate any unused clothes items to Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or other local community organizations.






Complete Guide To Rugs Series 3

How To Pick Your Rug Design & Pattern


Striped Rugs

Available in a variety of line thickness and colorway, Striped Rugs complement any theme or color combination, from laidback and neutral to bold and whimsical. They can also elongate a room, making it appear larger than it actually is.

Bordered Rugs

Bordered rugs instantly add a luxe and polished feel to any room. They are also a great way to highlight a particular area in a room, define a specific section in an open-space layout, or frame important furniture and home decor elements in your home.

Abstract Rugs

Abstract Rugs feature intricate linework, asymmetrical shapes, unconventional colorways, and seemingly unrelated elements to create a unique and visually entertaining rug design. Inspired by the works of abstract expressionists, these artsy rugs double as a conversation starter.

Solid and Ombre Rugs

Solid Rugs feature monochromatic themes that either add a pop of color to your room or balance out busy patterns. Ombre Rugs, on the other hand, use strategic color shading to add texture, drama, and depth to the design.

Metal and Stone Rugs

Featuring elegant marbling, gold and silver hues, and stone patterns, our Metal & Stone area rugs works well as an accent piece or an anchor element, creating a space that is both timeless and contemporary.

Novelty Rugs

Our Novelty Rugs feature bold and quirky designs that will allow your unique personality to shine. With their wide variety of prints, colors, and patterns, these rugs can easily transform and add a whimsical touch to any space in your home.

Animal Print Rugs

Whether it’s a whimsical addition to your kid’s bedroom, a bold zebra print, or a muted leopard pattern, our animal print rugs are the perfect way to add oomph and liven up your space.

Distressed Rugs

Full of unique vintage charm and character, distressed rugs add a classic, inviting, and a shabby chic feel to your space. Browse our distressed rugs in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns below.



Complete Guide To Rugs – Series 2

How to pick the right rug style

Floral Rugs

Floral Rugs come in a variety of patterns and motifs—from bold and brightly colored to sweet and sophisticated. Featuring various species of flowers, plants, leaves, and vines, these floral and botanical rugs conjure up images of an English garden or a tropical paradise.

Geometric Rugs

With their eye-catching patterns and colors, our Geometric Rugs are the easiest way to create a point of interest in any room. Modern and highly versatile, these rugs leverage sleek lines, color blocking and bold geometric shapes to add a burst of energy to your space.

Persian Rugs

Our Persian Rugs collection is inspired by the intricate designs, unique patterns, and vibrant colors of traditional Persian rugs. Featuring intricate medallions and corner patterns surrounded by an elaborate background with floral motifs, our Persian-style rug designs will surely add character and elegance to your home decor.

Transitional Rugs

Transitional Rugs offer a modern twist to traditional styles. Because of the design’s versatility, these rugs can either add a contemporary vibe to a classic theme or warm up a predominantly modern and minimalistic aesthetic.

Traditional Rugs

Traditional Rugs take cues from timeless styles all over the world—mostly from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. These rugs typically feature intricate design elements, like florals, borders, and medallions, and tinted in rich colors—from ruby, sapphire, and garnet to sage, cream, and burgundy.

Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary Rugs typically feature sleek lines, unconventional patterns, and freeform elements to complement a modern, forward-looking space. They work perfectly well in any room in your house, as well as in any modern office or industrial space.

Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary Rugs typically feature sleek lines, unconventional patterns, and freeform elements to complement a modern, forward-looking space. They work perfectly well in any room in your house, as well as in any modern office or industrial space.

Modern Traditional Rugs

Modern Traditional rugs and runners blend traditionally loved textile patterns with contemporary design elements and colorways, creating unique textures that elevate any room in your house.

Farmhouse Rugs

Our Founder’s Farmhouse Collection breathes new life to traditional farmhouse rug styles. Designed with Jeneva Bell’s personal style in mind, these machine-washable rugs feature classic themes coupled with a distressed texture and an earthy color palette, giving your home an authentic vintage vibe.

Kids Rugs

With their bursts of color and whimsical patterns, our Kids Rugs are designed to add a fun and playful energy to your nursery, kids’ room, or playroom. Featuring dinosaurs, space themes, jungle and farm animals, unicorns, rainbows, and robots, our rugs will delight children of any age.

Coastal Rugs

Drawing inspiration from sun, sand, and surf, our Coastal Rugs can easily turn your space into a relaxing oasis. Featuring colors in cool blues and sandy neutrals and whimsical and ocean-inspired patterns, these rugs perfectly complement the relaxed sophistication of a coastal-inspired home.


Complete Guide To Rugs – Series 1

Pick Your Rug Series

Picking the right size Rug For Your Room

Do you know how to determine the size your rug should be? Here are some tips to help.

Dining Room

In the dining room, you’d typically place the rug directly underneath the table and centered in the space. Let the dining chairs sit completely on the rug, with enough room to pull the chairs out and still remain on the rug. Typically, this would mean that your rug is larger than your dining table by 30 inches on all four sides.


A perfectly sized rug can make the bedroom feel warm and cozy and soften the acoustics, helping to create a quiet space. In selecting a rug for a bedroom, the right rug for you depends on the size of your room and your bed.

King- 9’x12′- leaves 2′ around the bed

Queen- 8’x10′- leaves 3′ around the bed

Full- 6’x 9′ or 2-3’x5′ works for full size bed

Twin- 8’x10′,6’x9′ or 2-3’x5′ work with a twin.

2 Twins- 3’x5′ rug between the two beds works


Regardless of the size and shape of your kitchen, the space in front of the kitchen sink is the best, most functional place for your rug. The kitchen sink is typically centered on a wall with cabinetry adjacent, so coordinate your rug with both your flooring and cabinetry, and place the rug centered on the sink.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor rugs set the mood and tone of the space while protecting your furniture and floor. When choosing a rug for your patio, deck, or porch, consider the size of the space and the layout of your outdoor furniture. For the best look, leave 12 to 24 inches of visible floor space around your rug.


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