Fall Mantel Decor Ideas


  1. Consider Neutral Colorways- Burnt orange and reds are the common colors associated with fall, but a neutral color scheme can have a bold effect. Neutral colors are common representation of fall. The colors of dried leaves and wood are all around.
  2. Opt For Minimalism- a bit of shedding and simplicity will go a long way to creating the perfect fall vibe.
  3. Avoid Fall Cliches- Instead of stacks of dried grass, maybe a few platters of natural woven material will appear to be more dramatic and sculptural
  4. Look for unexpected ways to use warm tones- Try incorporating some metals like bronze or copper, maybe using them in candle sticks of sculptural elements or as statement pieces
  5. Forage For Simplicity-It might be as simple as one really fantastic architectural branch laid across the mantle that captures the feeling of the change of seasons.
  6. Don’t Overlook Scent-it’s key to add some scent into your arrangement for maximum effect and it’s an easy way to decorate for fall.
  7. Go Easy on Pumpkins and Gourds- Try a collection of pumpkins or gourds with nothing else spread evenly across your mantle, the geometry will create a contemporary feel.
  8. Choose Unexpected Natural Elements- Add an assortment of objects from a variety of natural elements such as shells, rocks, crystals, and even branches mixed with decorative items such as boxes, small sculptures, or metal objects.
  9. Use What You Have-Candle holders and vases are great decorative additions that you may already have on hand
  10. Go For Florals-Flowers are beautiful any season of the year but I always especially love dried flowers and leaves or red/orange flowers during the fall months

12 Best First Impression Ideas For Your Home

  1. Hang Interesting Pendant Lights

  2. Adopt an Open Floor Plan Idea

  3. Eye-Catching Shine (Bling)

  4. Decorate with Large Plants

  5. Dress-up Walls- Using Accent walls, wallpaper, etc

  6. Go-Green- Decorate using environmentally-friendly décor

  7. Art-Displays- Using expressive art work to show off your style or color palette

  8. Choose Colors that Inspire

  9. Pretty Seating Near your Entrance

  10. A Beautiful Display Console Across from Entrance

  11. Incorporate Unique Designs- Different shaped coffee table or interesting shaped book shelf

  12. Hardwood flooring

Remember an accent must be on the wall opposite the entrance or its an accident, rather than an accent!!! Enjoy!!!


Happy National Dog Day! 12 Tips for Pet-Friendly Decorating

Most of customers #1 concern when buying anything from Lynne Greene Interiors is…..will my cat/dog/bunny/bird ruin this???? Here are a few things to remember when decorating:
  1. Don’t buy expensive rugs.

  2. Skip wall-to-wall carpet.

  3. Choose hard surface floors.

  4. Don’t decorate with breakable knickknacks.

  5. Match carpet and upholstery to fur color.

  6. Set up an animal area near an entry.

  7. Give your pet tidy, attractive treats and toys.

  8. Use semigloss wall paint.

  9. Use Stain Resistant Fabric

  10. Put Washable Material on your bed

  11. Vacuum regularly

  12. Bathe and groom your pet often


10 Back to School Organization Ideas

It’s that time of year again; when homework papers obscure the kitchen island, and the daily tasks of making lunches and laying out school clothes seem to stretch late into the night. But have no fear! We have 10 back to school organization ideas that are sure to make getting back into the groove easier.

1. Multiply productivity with a homework station.

Cut down on clutter by setting up a homework station for your kids. Stock the center with the supplies they’ll need to burn through assignments without having to break to hunt for an eraser, highlighter or calculator.


2. Avoid getting fed up by creating snack stations.

No mom wants to spend precious time every evening assembling lunches for the next day. Genius idea alert: snack stations! Bag grapes, carrots, and other perishable snacks and toss ’em in a drawer in the fridge along with cheese sticks, yogurts, and pre-made PB&Js. A pantry shelf can hold single-serving bags of pretzels, juice boxes, and cookies. Kids can even make their own lunches.

3. Outfit your family for success by organizing school clothes.

You’ll definitely feel like you’re a step ahead of the game when you organize your kids’ clothes for the entire week on Sunday night! Create hanger labels for each day and pre-select the outfits, so your mini fashionista can get dressed in the morning without rooting through drawers and laundry baskets to find a favorite pair of jeans or hoodie.

4. Check out a new system for organizing books.

Back to school means numerous trips to the library, which, unfortunately, often means checked out books get lost among the shelves with titles of your own. Try designating a library book basket where kids know to place their borrowed items.

5. Leave car clutter in your rearview.

You pick the kids up from school; they toss their jackets and backpacks on the floor of the car; then they trip over everything upon exiting the vehicle. If this sounds familiar, try creating hangers out of suction cup hooks! Talk about an idea that doesn’t suck.

6. Make the morning less manic.

DIY cereal stations for kids makes breakfast so easy, you’ll never go back to crazy. Simply prefill Tupperware containers with your kiddos’ favorite cereal, then fill a jug with a spigot with milk, and keep spoons in an accessible locale. Breakfast is served!

7. Picture more organized art displays.

Every parent loves showing off art and tests once school is in full swing. But the clutter that comes along with all the treasures your tots bring home is another story. Keep art organized with magnetic refrigerator frames that look so polished, you’ll feel a bit like an artist, too.

8. Sample a new kind of schedule.

Trading lazy weekdays for alarm clocks and jam-packed schedules can feel like a drag. But creating a paint sample calendar makes it fun to keep the family’s school obligations, sports and activities straight!

9. Straighten out a common laundry problem.

Drowning in laundry? Who isn’t? Try this simple trick for shortening the exhausting laundry process: keep kids’ clothes folded in drawers in the laundry room instead of their bedrooms! Now, when kids pick out their outfits, they make the trips to the laundry room instead of you hauling loads back and forth to their rooms.

10. Accessorize for success.

Help kids remember things like permission slips, checking the lost and found, and asking the teacher about extra credit with DIY reminder bracelets. When the task is completed, the paper bracelet can be discarded. So simple, so smart!

Happy back to school!



Make the most of your sideboard beyond storage

Sideboards come in many styles and sizes, from classic mid-century to chunky, rustic to sleek modern. These useful storage pieces regardless of style can also make nice display areas as well. Here are some helpful tips to display your style on your sideboard

  1. Create Symmetry (But not too much)- Some sideboards will have a bookended identical lamsp or decorative vases, but there are other ways to balance the sideboard. One lamp and 2 vases matching height will create balance without matching. The magic number in design that creates balance is 3. When arranging your display use yoru eye to decide whethere there is equal weight on either side, if your colors have partners and if there is enough variety of height and shape.
  2. Make it Practical- If you sideboard is in your dining room, then use for holding plates and glasses to display. Make your sideboard part of your families daily use. Combine the function with beauty by creating a gallery wall above. Be cautious all the elements do not look too busy.
  3. Have a theme– A sideboard can serve as a helpful focal point that quickly establishes your room’s theme.
  4. Let an Artwork Shine– Sideboards are perfect for holding pretty objects, good-looking books, stylish lamps and plants. But you can also use them as a mini stage by leaving them almost bare and display a magnificent piece of artwork above it.
  5. Use Mirrors- If your sideboard is positioned to face a view of greenery or is perpendicular to windows or doors facing a garden, the mirrored effect can be especially lovely as the reflected foliage becomes part of your interiors.
  6. Treat Yourself to Flowers- The sideboard is the perfect place for a fresh vase of flowers. Make your blooms a key part of your display to vary your sideboard display weekly. Different styles of flowers will create different moods, from strong and sculptural to soft and country.

Eye-Catching Front Porch Ideas

20 Things You Need For Your Front Porch

  1. Utilize the Space
  2. Draperies
  3. Hanging Basket
  4. Bed Swing
  5. Pillows
  6. Pillow Covers
  7. Lantern
  8. Stools
  9. Chairs
  10. Flowers/Door Wreath
  11. Rug
  12. Ceiling Paint
  13. Side Table
  14. Sofa
  15. Speaker
  16. Coffee Table
  17. Tray and Serving Set
  18. Lighting/Chandelier
  19. Fire Pit
  20. Welcome Mat/Door Rug

Latest Lighting Trends for 2021

Valance & Silhouette® Window Shadings

1. Over-sized Light Fixture– Ceilings are getting taller and floor plans more open, so homes can handle larger light fixtures. A few years ago a the average diameter for chandeliers were 24″, but today it is not uncommon to see 28″ or even 30″ or more diameter chandeliers.

2. Smart Bulbs- New smart bulbs allow people to control bulb color, turn off/on and some even play music. These bulbs can adjust to brighter color to stay alert during the day or tone down for a cozy dinner at night or even warm up to mimic a sunset. These bulbs screw in and set up using a phone app.

3. Black and Brass Finishes- This rich darkness with metallic shine creates sophisticated, show-stopping fixtures. The contrasting combo pairs well with the latest farmhouse trend.

4. Statement Bulbs- Lightbulbs have become an extension of the light fixture. For a cool, vintage feel pick a clear globe or Edison bulb. Its a fun way to customize your lights using clear, seeded or milky glass for diffuse or bright light.

5. Dimmable Lights- Dimmer changes the brightness of a bulb, helps save energy, and cuts glare. Any light can become a nightlight and offer a friendly ambience on a dark evening. With color-changing LEDs, the color temperature can automatically warm as the light dims.

6. Antiviral Lighting-The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a new focus on light’s ability to eliminate viruses and bacteria. Germicidal lighting can be safe and effective in the right applications.


11 Latest Curtain and Window Treatment Trends for 2021

  1. Embrace minimalism
  2. Use color freely
  3. Use what you’ve got
  4. Enhance your home workspace
  5. Double up
  6. Maximize natural light with sheer curtains
  7. Use blinds and shades for privacy
  8. Get comfortable
  9. Use smart home technology
  10. Go retro with floral and botanical prints
  11. Add fun touches

Say Goodbye To These 10 Design Trends in 2021

1. Modern Farmhouse

This year, we are seeing the modern farmhouse trend go away to pasture. Say goodbye to overutilized barn doors, shiplap paneling, and color schemes anchored in white walls and black fixtures. Homeowners are leaving this trend that favors uniformity and are moving on to expressing their own style and personality in their homes.

2. Single-Purpose Spaces

Families experiencing remote work and learning have quickly realized that single-purpose spaces are no longer functional or practical for the new demands of their home lives. Now when we design for couples and families during COVID, we are hearing the need for multifunctional spaces. Home offices need to convert to home gyms in the evening, and playrooms need to also function as study spaces.

3. Open-Concept Floor Plans

Along with realizing that workspaces need to serve multiple functions, families are also learning the cons of the once-popular open-concept floor plan. While open-concept living spaces provide an airy and spacious feel, they lack the practicality and separation we now crave in our homes. For example, an evening in an open-concept great room will be filled with noise from the living room TV, smells from the kitchen, clutter from toys, and a very distracted family member trying to finish a project at the dining table. Families are presently seeing the benefits of having separate spaces for their activities.

4. Accent Walls

Designers are saying if a material or color is good enough for one wall, it should be good enough for the entire room. It is predicted that accent walls won’t be as trendy in 2021. Accent walls can be distracting and feel disjointed from the overall design plan of a room. If you truly love a color or wall covering, make the bolder choice to clad the entire space in it.

5. Neutral Color Palettes

Homeowners and designers are both excited to say goodbye to limited, bland, and impersonal neutral color palettes in 2021. Color scheme trends limited to black and white, all white, and all grey are officially on the way out in the design world. People are acknowledging their love of color and realize that the shades used in a space can affect the mood, giving the home tranquility or energy.

6. All White Kitchens

It’s time to part ways with the impractical and sterile all-white kitchens that have dominated design remodels over the past decade. Homeowners are leaving white quartz and white cabinets for unique marbles and custom cupboards finished in striking colors and wood stains. Colored appliances are even starting to upstage stainless steel.

7. Minimalistic Decor

Minimalist decor can feel barren, cold, and unwelcoming. Plus, sticking to a minimalist scheme can be difficult for many homeowners who enjoy collecting and showing off their prized possessions. Custom built-ins are quickly becoming a popular way to display collections and show off those personal items that were once deemed as clutter.

8. Soft Pinks

In the 2010s, millennial pink, blush, and rose dominated color palettes with their dreamy cotton candy hues. We’re now seeing a move towards embracing bolder colors, ditching light pinks for warmer trending shades. In fact, we have all grown to love warm colors so much that Pantone picked two for their 2021 Pantone Color of the Year. The colors are Ultimate Gray, a warm gray tone, and Illuminate, a vibrant yellow. Together they are meant to symbolize resilience, hope, and uplifting positivity.

9. Mass-Produced Furniture

2021 design trends are leaving behind the convenience of mass-produced furniture. Online vendors have made the decorating process seem as easy as a click, but these offerings typically lack originality, craftsmanship, and comfort. Homeowners are recognizing the value of investing in quality pieces that will last for decades and offer timeless style. It is also becoming a popular option to repurpose old items and incorporate antiques into the home to give a layered and curated feel to the design scheme.

10. Faux and Synthetic Decor Pieces

In 2021, we’re focusing on being a little more real. Faux plastic succulents, synthetic fiber textiles, and plastic furnishings are being traded in for real houseplants, natural and cozy fabrics, and organic elements inspired by nature. Bringing in natural elements, like a plant or a live edge wood table, can create a connected feel with the outside and offer some of the peaceful imagery of the natural world.



10 Moderate Ways To Give Your Kitchen A High End Makeover

1. Update hardware.

Hardware can completely change the look of a piece of furniture and it can do the same for your cabinets. Replace drawer and cabinet pulls for an new unique look that instantly updates your entire space.

2. Use lighter colors.

A light color on the walls and cabinets instantly brightens a space making it look larger and in turn, more expensive. Light colors reflect light and hide a multitude of sins, including those scratches, dings and dents in your old cabinets.

3. Replace cabinet doors.

Replacing old worn out cabinet doors with new ones or sanding and refinishing your old ones will give your kitchen a sleek new look. Bring in glass or high-gloss doors for a dose of glam or forgo the doors in some areas and create open shelving to show off your nicest pieces.

4. Change lighting.

Chandeliers and pendants are the perfect accessory to not only brighten your kitchen but change the mood of the space. Standard lights that come in most homes and rentals are uniform. Mix it up and give the most used room in your house some personality or an unexpected element.

5. Use artwork.

Artwork is a great way to elevate any room and it will do the same in your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to go big and bold — it will give the illusion of a bigger space. Art is also a great option for renters who don’t have the freedom to change everything they’d like to.

6. Paint your appliances stainless steel.

Don’t have stainless steel appliances? No problem. Use a paint-on stainless steel finish to update your appliances that still work well but are giving your kitchen a dated feel. Be careful, companies make different types if this liquid stainless steel depending on the appliance and its use.

7. Add window treatments.

Dress up your bare windows to instantly dress up your kitchen.

8. Style your breakfast nook.

Add throw pillows, a centerpiece and fresh flowers to give your breakfast spot some style.

9. Replace an old decorative elements.

Change out your fruit bowl with beautiful ginger jar or a tray for a subtle change that makes a big difference.

10. Hide small appliances.

Nothing brings down a space more than clutter. Keep your counter space clear of small appliances like toasters, blenders and coffee pots. They’re easy enough to take out when you want to use them.