5 Interior Design Trends for 2020

A new year brings new interior design trends,… or in some cases, old trends that are new again. As you plan your interior design changes this year, you may want to include some modern elements. Here are some interior design trends for 2020 to keep in mind.

Eco Design

eco friendly interior design trendsEco design is growing in popularity as the world continues to be more environmentally conscious. There are many ways to incorporate eco design.

  1. Add indoor plants.
  2. Select recycled materials.
  3. Opt for products made with natural materials and fewer toxins.
  4. Use insulating products that reduce electric and heating expenses in your home.

Eco-friendly interior design is not only good for the environment, but also creates a healthier home and saves you money.
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Ways to Personalize Home Decor

Home decorating is an opportunity to be creative and to make your home unique. In addition to selecting furnishings that reflect your unique style, you can also personalize items. This can be a fun way to celebrate your family and to make your decor truly special. Here are a few ways to personalize home decor.

Celebrate Your Family Name

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Why You Should Decorate Office Spaces

When you think of office spaces, you may picture grey cubicles, neutral wall colors and florescent lights. Adding some design elements to an office space can provide a myriad of benefits to your business. Below are a few reasons why you should decorate office spaces. [Read more…]


Wallpaper Trends for Massachusetts Home Decorating

Should you consider wallpaper for home decor? Is it a dated option or still a valid home decor solution? It may seem that wallpaper is no longer used these days, but that’s not necessarily true. You just may not know that what you’re seeing is wallpaper! Although the typical homeowner may opt to simply paint nowadays, sophisticated homeowners with a desire to create a trendy or unique space still turn to wallpaper. Here are a few wallpaper trends for Massachusetts home decorating that we love. [Read more…]


Making Home Updates on a Budget

We Will Bring Your Ideas to Life

At Lynne Greene Interiors here in Burlington, Massachusetts, our customers often ask us about how they can make the updates they want to their homes while still sticking to their budgets. If you’re ready to make some changes and have the same question, don’t worry—we’ve got some tips. Read on to learn more! [Read more…]