Window Treatments for Tall Windows

Window Treatments for Tall Windows

Here’s a dilemma,… what can you do when your windows extend from floor to ceiling? On the one hand, you enjoy the natural sunlight. On the other hand, you might need some light filtering or privacy during the evenings. Even for the largest and most unusual types of windows, there are solutions available. Here are a few options for window treatments for tall windows.


Roller shades are a great option for tall windows. With so much surface area to cover, the consistency of a roller shade is ideal. It can extend and contract smoothly with few components that will wrinkle or kink. For added convenience and full contraction to the ceiling, consider motorized options. There are also a variety of colors and materials to choose from, each with different light filtering levels and benefits.


You probably assume that blinds aren’t an option for tall windows, but that’s actually not the case. You’ll want to avoid vertical blinds and heavy horizontal blinds for obvious reasons. Instead, look at modern, lightweight horizontal blinds. For high use windows, motorized window treatments are key to avoid wear and tear of cords and other high-use components. If you prefer to remain corded, select mounted cords to avoid hanging strings.


If light filtering is not a concern, curtains are great window treatments for tall windows. During the day, you can leave your windows fully exposed and allow in maximum daylight. At night, you can close the curtains for full coverage and privacy. Best of all, you’ll have an unlimited selection of fabrics, patterns, and colors. Be sure to have your curtains custom tailored to fit your windows and mount hardware properly to eliminate unsightly gaps. Your curtains should extend fully from floor to ceiling for an elegant look.

More Window Treatment Options for Tall Windows

These are just a few ideas to consider. For more specific recommendations of window treatment options for tall windows, stop by our Burlington, MA showroom. We carry a wide selection fo window treatments plus custom options for any window shape or size. Our design consultants will be happy to assist you.

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