Buying Used vs. New Home Furnishings

Burlington Massachusetts Home Furnishings

At a time when reusing and recycling is becoming more than a hipster trend, we thought it would be helpful to look at the pros and cons of buying used vs. new home furnishings. Nowadays, you can find everything from kitchen cabinets to furniture and home decor. Consignment shops and online listings can be a fun and interesting place to search for unique pieces that are still in great and usable shape. Before you buy, consider the following. [Read more…]


Custom Window Treatments for Odd Shaped Windows

Burlington Massachusetts Custom Window Treatments

Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to make their homes unique. One way to do so is with different window shapes and designs. Unique shapes can be a great focal point for a room, add natural light to spaces that may otherwise not have much, or simply be a fun way to design a home. Selecting the right window treatments for these can be a bit tricky. Here are some tips on window treatments for odd-shaped windows. [Read more…]


Silhouette ClearView – When View is Important

Silhouette® Window Shadings Burlington MA

Silhouette® Window Shading Comparison

At Lynne Greene Interiors serving Burlington, many of our customers ask about how to treat a window but still preserve an amazing view. Luckily, Hunter Douglas, the leader in window treatment innovation, has numerous solutions, including one of their latest innovations, Silhouette® ClearView™ window shadings. [Read more…]


Massachusetts Custom Furniture – How to Get Exactly What You Want

Selecting the right custom furniture for your home can be a tedious task. You can easily spend hours upon hours visiting different showrooms to view designs and textiles. What you may end up realizing is that the options are fairly similar and limited. There may be nothing that truly meets your unique needs. Customer furniture is the best way to get exactly what you want.

Burlington Massachusetts Custom Furniture [Read more…]


How Should Your Window Treatment Open?

If you’re in the market for window fashions, you already know that you have a lot of decisions to make, from the style and look of your treatment to its functionality. But have you considered how your window treatment should work? [Read more…]


Window Blind Options

Window blinds are a great way to control lighting and privacy in a room. They can also complement the décor in a room. There are many styles and materials to choose from. Here are a few common window blind options to consider.

Burlington MA Custom Window Blinds [Read more…]


Energy Saving Home Decor Ideas

Burlington Massachusetts Energy Saving Home Decor

Your home decor can do much more than make your space look beautiful. It can also help conserve energy. Here are some energy saving home decor ideas to consider if you live in Massachusetts. With frigid temperatures this winter, it’s never too late to reconsider your home decor choices, with energy savings in mind. [Read more…]


Wallpaper Trends for Massachusetts Home Decorating

Should you consider wallpaper for home decor? Is it a dated option or still a valid home decor solution? It may seem that wallpaper is no longer used these days, but that’s not necessarily true. You just may not know that what you’re seeing is wallpaper! Although the typical homeowner may opt to simply paint nowadays, sophisticated homeowners with a desire to create a trendy or unique space still turn to wallpaper. Here are a few wallpaper trends for Massachusetts home decorating that we love. [Read more…]


Looking for the Latest Innovation in Blinds & Shades?

If you know Hunter Douglas, you know that they constantly innovate, coming up with better products, more functional window treatments, and more attractive results. And this year is no different. Hunter Douglas has introduced several new products, and, at Lynne Greene Interiors here in Burlington, we’re more than happy to share them with our customers. [Read more…]


Curtain Styles and Options

Burlington MA Custom CurtainsWindow treatments can really pull together the decor and theme of a room. There is a wide selection available through in-store and online retailers. However, if you’re looking for a truly unique look and feel, or simply can’t find the right colors and patterns in store, custom curtains may be the perfect solution. You can basically achieve any look you desire, but where do you start? Here are some curtain styles and options to consider. [Read more…]